iRelaunch FastTrack

Help your constituents return to work with this half-day event bringing career-re-entry strategies to university alumni, professional association members and other professionals in your community who have been on career break.

iRelaunch FastTrack for universities (alumni associations and clubs, alumni career services departments, continuing education organizations), and professional associations provides career-re-entry strategies and tools for alumni and professionals who have been on career break due to childcare, eldercare or other reasons and want to return to the workforce. These half-day career-re-entry events (see sample agenda here) around the country have drawn enthusiastic and engaged audiences.


​"​Carol does a great job of breaking down the process of re-entering the workforce and making our alumni feel more confident about their skills and experience. This is our fourth time hosting an iRelaunch event in Evanston and we look forward to partnering again!”​ -- Matthew Temple, Kellogg School of Management

​"​From the planning to implementation, your staff handled all details of the event professionally and without hesitation. Their attention to the details of registration, communication and follow-up eased the burden of all the career services staff involved with the event. This truly was a turnkey operation; we provided the venue,light refreshments and attendees and your team managed virtually everything else.

The event itself was excellent. You are an engaging,energetic speaker who is clearly passionate about your topic of re-entry careers. From sharing your own experience to the research you have done and the insights you gain from talking with companies,your content is outstanding. Referring to local companies and organizations that support re-entry careers made the event more valuable for our attendees. During the Question and Answer period, you responded with clear, detailed answers that helped attendees implement your advice and apply it to their own situations.”​ -- Cynthia J. Hyman, University of Denver

Presenter and Agenda

Our presenter for the iRelaunch FastTrack is iRelaunch CEO and Co-Founder, and internationally recognized career re-entry expert, Carol Fishman Cohen. The iRelaunch FastTrack agenda, detailed below, includes Carol’s keynote on “Top Strategies for Returning to Work,” followed by her workshop on “Resumes, Interviews, and Job Search Tactics.” There is time for networking at the beginning and end of the program, with a 15-minute break in the middle:

09:00  to   09:30    AM  Check-in/Networking
09:30 to 09:35 AM - Welcome
09:30 to 10:30 AM - Keynote - “Top Strategies for Returning to Work”
10:30 to 10:40 AM - Break
10:40 to 11:30 AM - Workshop  “Resumes, Interviews and Job Search Tactics”
11:30 to 11:45 AM - Q and A
11:45 to 12:00 PM - Networking






Our audience feedback shows that iRelaunch FastTrack attendees are delighted with the specialized content and supportive community offered at the event:


"The first thing I noticed is that I was surrounded by other professionals ​...  like myself, who were in the same position as me and shared the same bulk of concerns and hurdles. The sense of camaraderie alone, was priceless. ​...  When I later reviewed my notebook from the iRelaunch course, it was brimming with fierce underlines, bullet points, follow-up notes, websites, contacts, and most importantly, a step-by-step plan, to accomplish my return to work goals. I strongly recommend this program for anyone looking to return to work after a career break​." – Attendee at Georgetown University FastTrack

"As someone who is just beginning the relaunch process this event was motivating, encouraging and timely. I enjoyed Carol's speaking style and personal stories from her own experience returning to the paid workforce. Networking with others at the event left me feeling excited and positive about the possibilities. Thank you for a valuable morning!" – Attendee at University of Denver FastTrack

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Director, Business Development

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