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Quarterly Tech Tips - Google Duo and LinkedIn Video Introductions

Every quarter our team surfaces helpful tech tips and tools for the relauncher. Our goal is to not only make technology less intimidating for relaunchers, but also to help you be in the know about new tools coming on the market as well as old favorites that you just can't miss.

Mastering remote work is all about finding the right tools to stay productive and connected. But with remote work becoming more and more popular, how will you know which tools are the best for you? No fear, iRelaunch is here! Since iRelaunch has been a fully remote company from the start, here are some of our choices for remote work tools. To make your search easier, we’ve gathered “tech takeaways” (recommended by our iRelaunch staff) from our monthly newsletters and presented them here so that you can refer to them months after the newsletter has been published.


Google Duo - A Tool for Team Communication


No matter where you work, communication is key. Since remote work means you won’t pass your coworkers in the hallway and you can’t drop by someone’s desk for a quick chat, you need to find another way to stay in touch day-to-day. If you use a Mac, an iPhone, and/or an iPad—along with everyone else you know—FaceTime can be a go-to for many. But for those on non-Apple devices, Google Duo is a great alternative for those team calls. Send a quick link to your team, making it that much easier for everyone with a google account to jump on the call. It doesn't just stop there, you can easily multi-task and minimize the call, brighten your screen, see who’s calling before you pick up, and for those moments you don’t want to miss, take a picture with your team!

LinkedIn Video Intro - A Tool For Video Interviews

The impression you make online is just as important as the one you would have made in person. But it can be difficult for some people to be cool, calm and collected  when you’re in the same room as a potential employer. To help with this problem, LinkedIn is introducing video introductions where a hiring manager can request an introduction as part of the hiring process, and you can respond by either video or written copy. You can take your time to really think through your answers. It’s a real game changer for those who get nervous come interview time.

Finding the right tools to keep you connected is crucial for staying productive at home. With the help of these tools, you’ll cultivate an effective and efficient work environment in your home. Stay tuned for more tech tips next quarter on the blog, or monthly in our newsletter.


Monique MilletAbout Monique: Monique is iRelaunch's Marketing Manager.  With more than five years of experience in social media, marketing, communications and public relations, Monique has worked in numerous positions held across many industries including nonprofit, entertainment, education, and fashion. She is passionate about creating content so it informs, entertains and inspires a global community. She holds a B.A. in Mass Communications and Public Relations from the University of Central Florida.


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