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Quarterly Tech Tips - How to Leverage Instagram Stories and LinkedIn to Relaunch

Every quarter our team surfaces helpful tech tips and tools for the relauncher. Our goal is to not only make technology less intimidating for relaunchers, but also to help you be in the know about new tools coming on the market as well as old favorites.

With so many people now working from home either temporarily or permanently, connecting to others professionally is more important than ever. To make the most out of remote networking, there are many different platforms you can use to build new connections, network with recruiters, hiring managers and even companies. We’ve gathered a few “out of the box” social networking tools based on our “tech takeaways” which are recommended by our iRelaunch staff from our monthly newsletters

Instagram Stories - Personal Tool 

Chances are, you’ve watched plenty of Instagram Stories, but you might have held off on creating your own because you weren’t sure what to share. Sure LinkedIn is a recruiter’s top choice in most cases, but here are some reasons why Instagram Stories is becoming more important.

  • Instagram shows your life outside of work. It shows your interests and personality. This is an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience on a more personal level. 
  • You already use Instagram to connect with friends -- who could help you network into a job; sharing a story can tap into that network.  
  • Companies are using Instagram to show what life is like at their company whether that’s on the grid or on stories. 
  • Recruiters are using Instagram to attract candidates. You’ll see stories prompting your to swipe up to learn more about a particular position. 



Instagram Stories is just one more place online where you can tell your career story and develop a valuable network. Keep in mind, this can be a combination of personal and professional updates. When you share stories, you give your audience an opportunity to build a connection with you. You never know where those connections will lead you. Learn the basics to help get you started using Instagram stories to network or even relaunch your career here.

LinkedIn - Professional Tool 

Networking looks very different from it was pre-COVID. Communicating with your network is more important than ever, but the question is how do you stand out in a sea of other professionals trying to accomplish the same goal. One solution may lie in LinkedIn voice messages. This is a unique way to network with your LinkedIn connections and provides you with a personalized way to connect. 

The image above provides you with a visual representation of how to create and send a voice message, and the link here provides step-by-step guidance from LinkedIn.



Finding the right tools to keep you connected can make all the difference when networking. But with the help of these social networking tools, you’ll find yourself making connections in no time. Stay tuned for more tech tips next quarter on the blog, or monthly in our newsletter.

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