Jenny Brody's Success Story

At that point, I did not need to return to work for financial reasons, but felt the need to do something constructive with my law degree, so I started taking pro bono cases, representing victims of domestic violence.  I found the work to be very compelling; and also, became aware of the enormous unmet need for legal services in this area.

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Shameka Volkers Success Story

In 2015 I had a child and it was the hardest time in my life and I needed time to adjust. So, I took some time off and thought I would get back into the workforce after 6 months.


Two years later after countless coffee chats, meetups and networking events I attended the iRelaunch conference. I spoke to many companies at the conference. I stopped by the Moody's table and talked with the facilitators about the work experience at Moody's and the Moody’s culture. It was then that I learned about Re-Ignite which is Moody’s return to work program.


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