FIVE Top Tips for Technical Relaunchers

As we enter our fourth year co-leading the STEM Re-entry Task Force with the Society of Women Engineers and nearly 25 global companies to pilot, implement and expand return to work programs for technical relaunchers, we have collected some of the best advice for relaunch success in IT, coding, programming, engineering and other technical roles.

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6 Key Tips to Kick Off Your 2017 Relaunch

It's 2017! Maybe you are considering taking a career break. Or perhaps you are on career break and this is your time to return to work. Follow these great tips to be best positioned for returning to work after your career break, or to start the relaunching process with a giant leap forward.


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Honoring Brenda Barnes with our First iRelaunch Pioneering Relauncher Award

This year we were thrilled to honor one of our heroes, Brenda Barnes, the former CEO of PepsiCo North America, who famously left that role to spend more time with her family in 1997. It was front page news of the major newspapers. She made the news again when seven years later, she returned to work as COO, and then CEO, of Sara Lee Corporation. Brenda Barnes led a major restructuring of Sara Lee and also started Returnships@SaraLee, one of the first corporate reentry internship programs, in 2008. In 2010, Brenda suffered a stroke which forced her into permanent retirement.

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Actually… Mid-Career Internships are Working Beautifully

Fast Company just released this article noting Goldman's Returnship® program didn't hire any of its 2016 participants. An interesting observation, except that it’s wrong. Once again, Goldman is hiring roughly half of its Returnship® class, and the numbers we are seeing from our direct involvement with return-to-work internships indicates just the opposite of what the article suggests. More and more companies are offering returning professional internship programs…because they work.

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