iRelaunch Team Spotlight: Monique Antoinette Millet

As a woman of color, I believe in empowering those around me whose voices aren’t always heard, and I am able to accomplish that in many ways through social media and marketing. So while I haven’t taken a career break, I think it’s important for many people and it allows you to figure out what it is you want from your life. 

But let’s back up a bit… 

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How to use Instagram Stories like a pro Relauncher!

How to use Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories appear in a bar at the top of your feed — and all Instagram accounts will be able to share stories. When there’s something new to see, their profile photo will have a colorful ring around it. To view someone’s story, you simply need to tap on their profile photo, and their story will appear full-screen, showing you all of the content they’ve posted in the last 24hrs, the content will play in chronological order from oldest to newest.

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