Relaunching in Supply Chain

What is supply chain?

Supply chain is getting goods from the source to the end customer, as well as your customers' customers, it includes these functions: Plan/source/make/deliver and return. Areas include Procurement, Operations, Logistics, Transportation, Consulting and Senior Management.

Supply chains focus has grown from a cost-savings function to a value-creation function for customers, stakeholders and shareholders. The focus in this global environment now includes data-driven, network-driven and collaborative supply chain ecosystems. 

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Creating an Effective Return to Work Plan after a 12-Year Gap!

When it comes to mapping out your return to work there is so much to consider. Having a game plan in place will help you transition from unemployed to employed. Having strategies and tools which help define the most cost- and time-effective use of your energy will be a valuable part of your journey. The game plan ensures you consider not just yourself but all of the elements.

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