Do You Really Want to Go Back to Work?

As the summer months end, September is a natural reminder to kick-start a new routine and perhaps return to work. As we watch the yellow school buses round the corner, it feels like the perfect time to sharpen our pencils, open unused notebooks and reprioritize your job search. But after even being flooded with hopes of fresh starts and new beginnings, it's easy to second-guess your true intentions … "do I really want to return?"  Here are a few suggestions to make certain you're starting a clear path and setting yourself up for success.

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Writing A Thank You Note - Even After You Didn't Get The Job

Our mothers and grandmothers have stressed the importance of writing a thank you note for centuries. The obligatory handwritten notes have been an integral part of many a decorum primer and a necessary vehicle to display genuine gratitude. Writing a thank you note to a prospective employer is stressed in every job search "how-to" book and often described as the secret weapon to success. But what if you didn't get the job? Why is it now so crucial … especially if you're not the one signing the offer letter? 

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Is the Summer Really A Good Time to Look for a Job?

There’s a great myth out there: the summer months are a time to hang up your job search hat and head to the beach. As a former recruiter, I can tell you this could not be further from the truth. Believe it or not, recruiters and hiring managers don’t get the summers off … it is business as usual! Although it may feel like a slower pace, this can be an ideal time to jump into your next adventure. Be intentional and strategic with these vacation filled months to make the most of your job search and ramp up your relaunch process.

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Becoming a Lifelong Learner: How to Find JOY in Everyday Learning

Being open to new experiences and diverse opportunities is at the forefront of becoming a lifelong student. When we emerge from our cozy comfort zones and stretch ourselves, the magic of learning and the thirst for knowledge and creativity shine brightly. Here are a few tidbits to awaken the lifelong learner in all of us. In the famous words of Mary Poppins…”anything is possible, if you let it!”

The Art of Dreaming and Scheming 

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Five Books Every Relauncher Should Read

With 2019 finally here, February is a wonderful time to fine tune your relaunch plans and set your next career in action.  As a life and business coach, I am asked countless times for the top books I recommend to my clients. My office bookcases are brimming with some of my favorites, but here is a distilled short list to help you navigate your own success. Happy reading and enjoy…here’s to YOU! 

What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard N. Bolles 

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