5 Reasons Why Homemade Soup is a Relauncher’s Best Friend

No worries! As the leaves turn bright and the nights grow crisp, here are 5 reasons why homemade soup can become your best friend:

You can make soup on the weekend and eat it all week.  Last Sunday, while the rest of the household was watching football, I threw onions, celery, carrots, garlic, and lentils into a pot with water and broth.  45 minutes later, I had a huge pot of steaming soup (and dinner we could nosh on all week), and I still saw most of the game with my family.

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5 Tips for Retiring ... and Returning to Work!

After leaving my corporate VP of Sales position in my 50th year, I stayed home with my kids for eight years. When I left my corporate job, I was retiring; I had worked nearly 30 years. After my youngest went to college, I unexpectedly found I wanted to return to the corporate world—I missed working and was looking for a new challenge. But at age 58 (and with a career break) big corporations were not interested. One manager said, “She doesn’t have enough corporate experience.”

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iRelaunch Team Spotlight: Anne Zacharias

Greetings! I am Anne Zacharias, Business Development Consultant for iRelaunch and the newest member of the iRelaunch team. I became excited about iRelaunch when a friend of mine told me about this amazing company that connects people returning to work after a career break with companies that want to hire them. I engaged Carol Fishman Cohen in a conversation, during which she and I talked about workforce shortages and re-development initiatives. The rest is history!

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