Mary Beth Barrett-Newman is a member of the iRelaunch Coaching Team and President of 2nd Career Consulting.

Getting Clarity on Your Career Path

There may be many times in our career when we feel “stuck." Deciding to return to the workforce, or “relaunch,” may be one of these times. While the relaunch decision itself may have seemed daunting, figuring out the type of position and industry that you’re not only qualified for, but also interested in, can be just as difficult.

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Putting Structure Around Your Relaunch

So, you’ve decided this is the year. You’re going to stop “thinking” about returning to the workforce and actually “do” it. Now what?  Starting your relaunch using a structured approach and incorporating some tools to keep organized and focused can make a world of difference.  

Having a Focus: What type of position are you looking for?

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Build Your Skills and Network with Strategic Volunteering

Returning to the workforce can be overwhelming, especially when you may feel insecure about your abilities.  Are there some “rusty” skills you need to refresh? New skills you need or want to learn? An industry or position you want more information on? Incorporating Strategic Volunteering into your relaunch plan is a way to accomplish all that and more! So; what is Strategic Volunteering and how do you do it?

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5 Summer To Do's for Your Fall Relaunch



Having worked with many Relaunchers, I frequently hear the comment “I’ll start my job search after the summer.”  While it is certainly understandable to want to spend time enjoying summer activities, here are 5 things you can do to jumpstart a Fall Relaunch without ruining your summer fun. 


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