Are you ready to relaunch?

Are you ready to relaunch? The list below is derived from countless discussions with relaunching clients and the considerations they worked through when deciding if going back to work was the right choice. There are numerous factors to weigh when making this decision, many of which are not exclusive to relaunchers. What I’ve identified below are considerations that specifically reflect concerns and challenges for relaunchers.

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Lessons from My Own Relaunch

So, I got an MBA, then a fast-track career, then a spouse and family. Then I did what a lot of women do – I left the workforce. When I left, I had no idea if I’d ever collect another paycheck. Then I got scared that even if I wanted to go back to work, no one would hire me. Returning to work created anxiety – Do I remember any industry jargon?

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Creating Advocates

You’re looking for a job and you know you’ve got to network. Good.

You’re even willing to network. Great! 

Now it’s just a matter of the right conversation with the right person and you’ve got a new job. Awesome!  ...

... Not so fast. Networking should be more than just a bunch of coffees and random lunches in hopes of getting a job. Networking should be about creating advocates, meaning you want to find someone who is willing to utilize their “professional capital” on you and therefore recommend and champion you.

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Resume Types - Which is the Right One for You?

I’ve been a career coach for almost a decade and during that time, I’ve read, reviewed and evaluated hundreds and hundreds (That’s not an exaggeration!) of resumes. In recent years, I’ve included resume writing as one of the services I offer via my coaching consultancy, Ascension Careers. So, I feel pretty confident in my “bona fides” when it comes to offering resume advice and guidance.

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6 (More) Steps to Recharge Your Job Search

When we decide we’re ready for a new job - we’re ready for a new job, now. We’re high on anticipation and enthusiasm, and we’re anxious to flex those job-performance muscles. Unfortunately, our “ready-to-work” timeline rarely matches reality. Typically, the gusto wanes and we ask, “Why am I doing this to myself?” While I don’t have any solutions to make the job search shorter or better, here are a few (more) ideas to help you recharge so you make it through.

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Know Your Story!

When it comes to job searching, what’s more important that a well-written resume, polished LinkedIn profile or a well-crafted cover letter? It’s knowing your story. When job searching, people are always curious about you. What kind of work have you done before? How has your career progressed? What do you like to do? What do you want to do next? Why did you leave your last job? Some of those questions are easy to answer; others require more thought and there are probably some don’t know the answer yourself. No matter where you a

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Keeping Your Energy High During Long Interviews

You’ve made it through a phone screen with a recruiter, an aptitude test, a personality assessment, a Skype call with HR and one face-to-face interview. Now, you’ve been invited for an all-day onsite interview. This is great news, you’re still in the running. Although, you need to recognize that full-day interviews are not a sprint, they are a marathon! Companies use a full-day onsite interview as a final step – it’s a chance for a wide variety of people to assess and vet whether you are the right fit. So you need to be on your game from start to finish.

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Should I Write More Than One Resume?

In a word – yes. As a job seeker, you should take advantage of all opportunities to showcase your fit for a role.  Assuming that you are applying for a variety of roles, each of which has a unique set of skills and traits, you want your resume to reflect the talents and experiences a firm deems necessary for a role. 

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Recharge Your Job Search in Six Steps

Perhaps you decided a while ago to reenter the workforce. The thing is you decided ... a while ago. You’re still looking and starting to feel rejected and unmotivated, which leads to a concerning lack of enthusiasm. Your search battery is at 7%, how can you get it back to 100%? Here are six specific steps you can take to recharge your job search:

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