How to Approach and Explain Your Career Gap

Monica, one of my new clients, wants to relaunch her career in the legal field, after a five-year hiatus during which she focused on raising her children. She is nervous about this gap in employment and how prospective employers will perceive her time away from the workforce.

“How do I talk about this?” she asked in our meeting.

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Thinking about a Career Coach? Why and how to hire one

Beth, an international brand marketing executive, had taken a ten-year break from work. When she felt it was time to return, she was excited, yet overwhelmed. With three young children and a husband who traveled frequently, her ideal was to start with a 20-hour part-time position which is not easy to land! She was still passionate about the global marketing of upscale products and wanted to work with bright colleagues in a stimulating environment. Beth hired me as her career coach. She lacked confidence and was worried that she wasn’t up to date with branding and industry practices.

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Marketing Yourself to Land Your Ideal Position

Today’s job market is competitive, fast-paced and constantly changing. Job seekers need to stand out to be noticed. As an executive and career coach and former marketing executive, I know all too well that having the right skills and experience isn’t necessarily enough to acquire that coveted position. Often, it is not the best qualified person who walks away with the offer, but rather the person who markets him or herself best. As a matter of fact, it typically takes completely different skills to land a job than what is required to actually do the job you’re applying for.

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How long should it take to find a job?

Relaunchers often ask me this question, hoping for a simple response.  But there is no universal answer. It depends. There are various external factors influencing the process, such as the supply and demand of the job market, the seasonality of hiring, and the duration of the hiring process itself, but ultimately the length of your pursuit depends mostly on you. The control you have over your marketability and job search is much greater than you may realize; there is a clear correlation between a targeted and disciplined effort and the speed with which you land a job.

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Relaunching - An Ideal Time for Career Reinvention

A question I often hear from relaunchers is:  “I have no idea what I want to pursue next, but I definitely don’t want to return to what I did before. Now what?"

Relaunching is an ideal time for career reinvention, but changing careers can be intimidating. I encourage you to view this period not as a time of uncertainty, but rather as a time of opportunity - the impetus for self-discovery and exploration.

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