Will You Choose to Bounce Back?

We all go through times when it feels particularly difficult to pick ourselves up, dust off the failure, the “no” from a potential employer, the silence following an application made, and get back at it. When relaunching, your ability to bounce back, to be resilient, will make a significant impact on your energy, excitement, and optimism each day.

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Get Out, Talk and Tell the World

Congratulations – you are relaunching! You are so excited to get back to work, and you just want to find that job. You spend your days searching the Internet for jobs and applying on-line. Or, you focus on writing and re-writing your resume. Your intentions are great, and your efforts should be rewarded. However, the very best way to spend your time is by leaving the house, and talking to people. It may not be easy at first, and certainly uncomfortable for some, but telling people that you are relaunching your career is what you want to be doing right now.

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Mastering the Video Interview

If you are like so many people relaunching your career, you are just thrilled at the idea of receiving an interview! You have worked so hard to overcome the first set of hurdles and you are ready to sell yourself and learn about potential employers. But then, you find out it is a video interview. You thought you had mastered the technology side of relaunching, which has quickly become a necessary and fundamental element of the process, only to be faced with another challenge. 

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Your Relaunch “Back to School Plan”

The “Back to School” stage of the summer has begun – you are buying school supplies, new clothes, preparing for activities, lunches, and piano practice. But where do YOU fit into the busyness? Let’s make sure that you have not forgotten to add yourself to the top of the Back to School list.

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Is Age Just a State of Mind?

Age is a top concern for relaunchers. This is the case for relaunchers of all ages, because whether age is going to be an issue depends on more than just your actual age – it can also depend on your industry, the length of your break, and whether you are making a career transition while relaunching. 
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A Strong Relaunch Starts With Knowing What Matters To You

Making the decision to relaunch your career is the start of a new phase of life – a phase full of opportunity, excitement and perhaps some apprehension and hesitation.  This is natural.  It is a significant decision and you may be anxious to get it right. 

Relaunching strong, and ‘getting it right’, requires you to start with yourself. It is not about your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or preparing for interviews. Rather, it is about understanding your values so that you are clear on what matters to you.

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Are You Doing What You Do Best?

Relaunching your career can be overwhelming at times, especially if you do not know where to begin or you are stuck at one of the steps along the way.  

When this happens, take a few minutes to return to the building blocks that make up all that you offer: your values, interests, experience, and strengths.

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How Can I Build Up My Confidence? I Am Out of Practice.

One of the key ingredients to your relaunch is building your confidence to get out the door and head back to work!   Perhaps you know which path you want to pursue, you are comfortable with your resume and LinkedIn profile, and have a list of people to contact.  But, you are having a tough time pressing the “Go” button.  This is when you want your confidence to kick in! If you find that it doesn’t happen overnight, you are not alone. Confidence sometimes needs a nudge, and there is no better time to start nudging than right now.

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"How can I deal with rejection better?"

Rejection can sting, especially when you haven't experienced it in a while. In fact, without a rejection strategy, you could find yourself derailing - just as you are finally executing on your career search. The great news is that learning to deal with rejection is like building a muscle that hasn't been flexed in a while. With a plan and practice, your rejection 'muscle' will strengthen and you will be able to forge ahead, regardless of what is thrown your way. 
To get ahead of rejection, here is a strategy to have in place:

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