How should I deal with "relaunch resistance" from my family?

“What does this mean for me?”

As your first day back at work approaches, you will probably begin to hear family members’ concerns about the impending changes at home. The time you have spent away from work running a household and/or acting as the go-to parent has likely been very helpful and convenient to those around you. While they are excited for you and the increased family income, they are likely wondering what this means for them. 

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I have sent my resume to so many places. Why haven’t I heard from anyone?

We all know that a thorough job search process takes a good deal of time, attention and emotional energy. These are valuable resources you’ll want to invest wisely. Once you realize an approach is not working, rather than become discouraged, I suggest you treat the moment as both a wake up call and a great opportunity. Now is the ideal time to re-examine your job search strategy and look for improvements!

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Relaunching Moms and Flying Nannies: There’s a Connection

In the news recently it seems that each week yet another company is publicizing improved benefits and innovative programs for expectant and new parents. Substantially longer maternity leaves have been announced at employers such as Accenture, Netflix, Microsoft and Facebook. Paternity leave is increasingly being offered or expanded in more organizations.

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