Special Events and Webinars for Alumni, Parents, Members and Other Constituents

Looking for career re-entry programs for your alumni reunions, parents' weekends, member meetings or other special gatherings?

One-day or Multi-day Customized Events

Let iRelaunch plan and customize the perfect one-day or multi-day event to help your university's or professional association's alumni, parents, members or other constituents gain confidence and take the most constructive steps toward their immediate or future career goals. iRelaunch Chair and Co-Founder Carol Fishman Cohen and our other expert speakers ensure events that attendees will find engaging, motivating and informative. In addition to presenting in-person events at your campus, headquarters, or other venue, we can design an event with both in-person and subsequent live online components to educate and motivate your constituents and then keep the momentum going after they return home.

Our customized events can incorporate some or all of the following:

  • A presentation by Carol Fishman Cohen on any of the following iRelaunch Hot Topics:
    • "Back on the Career Track: Top Strategies for Returning to Work” 
    • “’The 40-Year-Old Intern’: What Employers Need to Know about Re-entry Internships”
    • “Difficult Conversations in Career Re-entry: Explaining The Gap, ‘You're Overqualified,’ and Ageism
    • “Anticipating the Career Path that includes a Career Break: What to do NOW”
  • A panel moderated by Carol Fishman Cohen featuring relaunchers, career transitioners, executives, recruiters or others whose stories and insights would enlighten and motivate your constituents
  • Small-group coaching sessions – offered both in-person at your event and live online post-event -- designed especially for your constituents returning to the workforce from career break, led by iRelaunch’s specially trained professional career coaches
  • Other programming targeted for your audience’s specific needs and interests.

Feedback from host organizations shows that both the organizations and their constituents are delighted with the specialized content and supportive community offered at our events:

“Alumni who attended [the iRelaunch event at Ohio State] included women and men who had taken a career break for a variety of reasons. It was good to see both genders in attendance. Surveys showed that participants were grateful for the opportunity to meet others who had taken time out of the workforce. There was a comradery that was created at each table as participants worked through exercises to begin to think about how to present themselves to the job market. Many shared that their confidence was boosted by Carol’s presentation, and that they felt they received the tools to begin the journey of exploration in rediscovering how they can contribute significantly to the world of work and to their communities. Many were thankful for the strategies and resources made available by Carol to put together a significant job search campaign…

The three hour workshop was a wonderful jump start for relaunchers as they began to consider that it is possible to re-enter successfully and into a career they will enjoy! Carol instilled hope and confidence to a population that needs support, resources, and true success stories.” -- Marilyn Bury Rice, The Ohio State University Alumni Association Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management


Webinars: Select from Topics Suitable for Your Audience

Carol Fishman Cohen can present any of the iRelaunch Hot Topics highlighted above in a live one-hour webinar format for your selected audience through your organization’s webinar platform. Each presentation is 45 minutes long with 15 minutes allotted at the end for Q&A. We provide a topic title and description for your marketing materials. An optional resource guide can be provided to webinar attendees. iRelaunch’s standard webinar policies will apply.

"I found all the information provided in this seminar to be extremely useful to relaunchers of various backgrounds. In particular, I found the segments on figuring out what exactly you want to do, the 3Cs [Content, Compensation and Control], confidence, and networking to be most useful." – Harvard University Alumni Webinar Attendee

“The webinar provided some very good points in how to avoid the "career break" trap. Be energetic, be prepared.  Practice with friends and family members, your coach and other associates within the field that you are seeking.” – Emory University Alumni Webinar Attendee

For more information, please contact:

Anne Zacharias
Director, Business Development

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