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Career re-entry publications authored by Carol Fishman Cohen

Elevating the profile of women and men returning to work after a hiatus as well as the employers that hire them.


Advancing return to work strategies for professionals and companies.

Immersed in the career re-entry field for 15 years, iRelaunch CEO Carol Fishman Cohen publishes regularly about the most important issues in career re-entry.

She advocates for the benefits of reintegrating experienced professionals back into the workforce after a career break



" Watch Carol Fishman Cohen's enlightening TED talk, "How to Get Back to Work after a Career Break

Harvard Business Review

For all of Carol Fishman Cohen's Harvard Business Review articles, click here.

Research Report

Returning Professional Internships – A New Strategy for Employers to Access High-Caliber Talent and for Professionals to Re-enter the Workforce (10/2012). Click here for report Abstract and Table of Contents

Back on the Career Track
Referred to as the "Bible of Career Re-entry”

Learn the 7 steps to successful career re-entry after a break. 

“For those who say you can’t go back, this book is the definitive rebuttal.”
-- BusinessWeek

“Cohen and Rabin have hit the nail on the head with this thorough, well-written, step-by-step relaunch guide for stay-at-home moms.”
—Library Journal, starred review

"This is a must-read before filling out any job applications, and it will become your go-to resource each step of the way.”
—Mom Central Book Reviews


Also available in Korean

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