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What to Wear to the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference

Attending the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference with the Stanford Alumni Association, but don't know what to wear? Don't sweat it, we were wondering the same thing! In an effort to up our style game and uncover what really is the best approach to dress for such an occasion, we reached out to Andrea Silverstein, Head of Business Development at peach. For those of you who are not famliar with peach and all of the amazing clothes that they're creating for the gym, work, and play, you'll have the incredible opportunity to meet Janet Kraus, CEO and Co-Founder of peach, at our upcoming conference on May 1, 2018. Janet is building a revolutionary brand that promotes female entrepreneurship and empowers women to feel beyoutiful, Peach designs performance-inspired apparel that’s versatile and chic, taking women from one environment to another with a simple change of a shoe or a bag. We love this company's clothing and its mission statement so much that we may just head to peach if we're not having any luck with our own closets.


In the spirit of sharing style secrets, here's Andrea's two cents on conference-appropriate clothing:


What is the dress code when attending a conference? 

Attending a conference is a tremendous networking opportunity, so you want to put your best foot forward. This means you want to look as polished and put together as possible. If you can, purchase a new outfit for a conference or interview that is current, fits really well, and feels awesome!  If you're unsure what to wear, ask a sales associate or personal stylist for help. Don't be shy about meeting with the store tailor if they have one because alterations are often free.  


You also want to think about the power of three. Adding a jacket to a skirt and top gives you a more powerful look, whether it is a casual or more formal occasion. A jacket with a dress, does the same thing. Grooming matters. Get a fresh, modern haircut, and consider getting a manicure. Dressing well builds and projects confidence - just what you need to relaunch your career! 


High heels or flats?  

Choose footwear that is appropriate for the outfit. Either heels or flats are appropriate, but make sure that the shoes that you choose are appropriate for a work situation. This means that you should leave your sky-high heels, evening shoes, ultra-sexy sandals, flip flops, or overly bare or casual sandals, at home. Chunky, wedges or block heels are ideal for the office or a conference. Pick a pair that good quality, comfortable to walk in, and stylish too. That’s the power of three!


What do I want my accessories to say about me? 

Your accessories should say, "I mean business"! Carry a simple leather tote or bag that can hold all of your necessities including your laptop, phone, pen, note pad, business cards, etc. You want to ensure that you have everything that you need in a bag that will not require any unnecessary fumbling. In terms of accessories, my advice would be to opt for simple jewelry and or scarves. Remember, the accessories you choose should uplift your outfit, not overpower it. Coco Chanel famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” I agree!   

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