Strategic Volunteering

Have you considered volunteering your way back into paid work?



Gain current skills and experience & build your professional network while helping others.

Consider non-profits and professional associations that offer you career-boosting experiences. 

WCM offers up to five annual $5,000 scholarships and paid four-month internships with BMO Capital Markets (in Toronto), National Bank, RBC, and Scotiabank to women preparing to relaunch a full-time career in the Canadian capital markets industry. Must have at least 5-years experience in capital markets or related field. Also includes a WCM mentor and 1-year WCM membership. Began 2012, annual.

Making a Difference through Volunteering and Nonprofit Careers - This resource helps you understand the "importance of volunteer work, how to find volunteer opportunities, and how to transition from volunteering to a career in a nonprofit."

6-month paid internship with IT and other support.

16-week paid internship.



21 class days spread out over a 12-month period.

12-week paid internship program for individuals who have taken a career break of at least 2 years. 

Educational and workforce development programs that provide job seekers opportunities with encouragement, empowerment, education and inspiration to advance their careers. To gain full access to PSGCNJ’s free services, members are required to join one of six business units that operate the corporation and donate their talent to advance the mission. Volunteering on projects that advance PSGCNJ allows members to regain the seven lost intangibles, while building meaningful relationships with other professionals.

6 month paid returnship program for individuals who have been out ot the workforce for at least 2 years. 

3 day program for individuals who have taken a career break.

16 week program for individuals who have been out of the workforce for at least 2 years.

A return-to-work job board platform. Began 2016.

3-month paid programme began in April 2016 for individuals who have taken a career break of at least 2 years.

7-week program for individuals who have taken a career break of at least one year.

Fall program running three modules over a 3 month period. Taught by Rotman faculty and industry experts. 

Opportunities for individuals who have taken a career break.

The Back2Business Program is a pilot program of the Financial Women's Association. Participating companies are BMO Capital Markets, Deloitte, New York Life and PGIM, the Global Investment Management Businesses of Prudential. Paid internships at each company will be offered in a range of functions in the NY tri-state area in 2017. Men and women eligible to apply. Minimum 5 years in financial services and career break of at least 2 years.

Free, 6-day professional development program for professionals with a 3+ year career break. Began 2014. 

7-day course to gain a new perspective on skills and learn how to position yourself back in the job marketplace. For relaunchers who have worked in media, communications or marketing, are planning on returning to work in the next 6-9 months, have been out of the work place for at least three years and are not currently on maternity leave. Free. Candidates chosen from application process. 


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A 5-Phase online workbook and support program to help you go from relaunch readiness assessment to negotiating your benefits package. Your self-paced tool for returning to work. 

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A mid-career internship is a wonderful springboard back into the workforce.

“The 40-Year-Old Intern:“ Carol Fishman Cohen’s celebrated Harvard Business Review article about mid-career internships.

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"The Bible of Career Reentry"

"The Bible of Career Reentry"

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