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Build Your Skills and Network with Strategic Volunteering

Returning to the workforce can be overwhelming, especially when you may feel insecure about your abilities.  Are there some “rusty” skills you need to refresh? New skills you need or want to learn? An industry or position you want more information on? Incorporating Strategic Volunteering into your relaunch plan is a way to accomplish all that and more! So; what is Strategic Volunteering and how do you do it?

Strategic Volunteering is nothing more than being deliberate in the volunteer work you choose to do and using those activities to not only benefit the organization you’re helping but to also benefit you by providing real working knowledge and current experience preparing you for your Relaunch!  

Some areas to consider:

Technology – What technology will be required in the positions that interest you?  Networking with people in those jobs will give you the answer.  Most jobs require some basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, Outlook and maybe even PowerPoint.  You may need to be familiar with tools like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Survey Monkey or Donors Forum - a common database used by nonprofits. Volunteer to be the treasurer of an organization so you can create spreadsheets in Excel.  If you’re on a Board, be the one that creates a PowerPoint presentation for the quarterly meeting, or start using Outlook as your personal email and calendar manager. Find opportunities to learn the software you need to be competitive and up-to-date.

Experience – There are other areas you may need to develop in addition to technology.  Managing people and/or projects as a PTA president or committee leader, involving yourself in a PR campaign for a nonprofit, developing a marketing plan to increase enrollment at a private school or brushing up on your public speaking skills by giving a talk at a community event are all possibilities.
Industry – “Try out” a new field or update yourself on an old one. Join industry groups and volunteer to be on a committee, assist at a workshop or provide help with quarterly or annual meetings. Interested in politics? Join the campaign of a local, state or national politician to learn more. This will also help you start building a new “industry-focused” network, which may be helpful in your search.

Network – We can never have too large of a network. Involving yourself strategically in volunteer roles allows others to get to know your work style and ethic.  

Be resourceful.  Decide what you need to do to make yourself marketable and go looking for it. You’ll boost your skills, increase your confidence and expand your network!

About iRelaunch Career Coach Mary Beth Barrett-Newman

I have coached and mentored ambitious professionals my entire career. I have also had the opportunity to recruit, hire and manage countless others. But it wasn’t until the boutique consulting firm, where I was a senior executive and worked for 20+ years, was sold, that I had an opportunity to discover my true calling ... as a career coach with a special focus on relaunchers.

I’ve worked with relaunchers who have taken short (1-3 years) and long (15-20 years) career breaks and have found them to be bright, energetic and highly accomplished. Too often they might lack confidence or have an uncertainty of focus that may derail their search. That’s where I can help. Each client is unique; so we will create a customized plan based entirely on your needs. Whether we’re creating a strategy for your search, preparing for an interview or keeping you accountable and focused, the goal is for you to present your best self in all aspects of the job search. While I won’t sugarcoat things, or let you be unrealistic, I will be your sounding board, advisor and biggest cheerleader.

In addition to decades of “on the job” training, I also have an MBA in Finance from DePaul University, a BA in Business Administration from Augustana College (IL), am a Certified Administrator of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory assessments, a Mock Interview Consultant for Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a Volunteer Advisor at the Career Resource Center, as well as a frequent speaker on today’s job search and reentering the Workforce.

I welcome the opportunity to work together on your relaunch!

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