Plan for the New Job

Relaunch with confidence - the work-life balance.

Plan for the New Job, Compensation

Reentering the work world has you dusting off many talents you have not used in awhile. Happily, negotiating is not one of them. Everyone negotiates. You just might not call it that. Times that most of us can relate to negotiating are family...

The "trading compensation for control" solution some women choose when returning to work after a career break can be a realistic strategy for a first foray back into the workforce. This option for women returning from career breaks is to take...

An excerpt from Kathryn's blog, 9 Lives for Women: "Too often, though, women—and particularly their husbands—focus only on green dollars, concluding it’s not 'worth it' for them to return to work: 'By the time your relatively...

You’ve soared through the initial interview, aced the case interview, and now it’s all come down to the hiring details. Often, the same woman who confidently prepared for “winning” the job fails to take the same fearless...

Plan for the New Job, Work-Life Balance

During my 12-year professional break, I learned many things about roasting a chicken and many techniques for speed laundry sorting. I even spent some time optimizing routes between the elementary school, ballet class, the market and the little...

Three years ago I was laid off my full-time position in management at a small software and Internet company. Luckily my husband and I were in a position where I could decide to stay home for a bit - which was a good thing because I was burnt out...

Plan for the New Job, Caregivers & Other Supports, Work-Life Balance

Ten years ago when Vivian Steir Rabin and I were doing the research for our career reentry strategy book Back on the Career Track (Hachette, 2007, Amazon 2011),  we conducted over one hundred in-depth interviews to understand every detail...

Plan for the New Job, Caregivers & Other Supports

We just received this great question on our LinkedIn group from relauncher Vicki Harrison, who is about to return to a full-time role at Stanford University School of Medicine after five years at home. She is also the founder of The Flex Frontier...

Plan for the New Job, Refresh Your Skills, Internships

We are thrilled to announce that several relaunchers are among those selected for the new public policy Women’s Leadership Fellowship Program offered by Governor Deval Patrick’s office as part of his Women in the Workplace Initiative. The...

Plan for the New Job, Internships

The latest development in the career reentry arena is the unpaid internship. Three new programs feature internships, and we think this is only the beginning. One employer is offering them directly, and two universities are offering them as part...


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A mid-career internship is a wonderful springboard back into the workforce.

“The 40-Year-Old Intern:“ Carol Fishman Cohen’s celebrated Harvard Business Review article about mid-career internships.

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“Of course, there have been major adjustments at home. I'm investing in household help. We have relationships with a couple of nannies available on short notice. I also subscribed to a ready-to-cook weekly food service.”

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"The Bible of Career Reentry"

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