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You did it! You figured out what type of work you want to do upon your return from a career break, you have your resume and LinkedIn profile "just right," you applied to various open positions, and you successfully networked your way to a job...

At iRelaunch, we have been tracking career reentry programs of all kinds since 2008. In 2012, we published a report on the growing use of of internships or internship-like experiences as an effective vehicle for professionals to return to work...

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It's 2017! Maybe you are considering taking a career break. Or perhaps you are on career break and this is your time to return to work. Follow these great tips to be best positioned for returning to work after your career break, or to start...

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This year we were thrilled to honor one of our heroes, Brenda Barnes, the former CEO of PepsiCo North America, who famously left that role to spend more time with her family in 1997. It was front page news of the major newspapers. She made the...

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Fast Company just released this article noting Goldman's Returnship® program didn't hire any of its 2016 participants. An interesting observation, except that it’s wrong. Once again, Goldman is hiring roughly half of its Returnship® class,...

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I am a strong believer in taking a proactive approach in all areas of life, particularly in regard to your career.  How you position and prepare yourself to land your desired job is an essential part of a relauncher's forward movement....

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2015 marked a year of expansion of the Wall Street reentry internship programs globally, domestically, and across business lines. Morgan Stanley's Return to Work program is now in New York, London, Mumbai and Hong  Kong. Goldman Sachs...

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In the news recently it seems that each week yet another company is publicizing improved benefits and innovative programs for expectant and new parents. Substantially longer maternity leaves have been announced at employers such as Accenture,...

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I graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) with a Masters in Electrical & Biomedical Engineering at the age of 22, while pregnant with my first child. Taking a 9-year hiatus after college to raise a family and live overseas, I...

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I was technologically obsolete before I relaunched my career. So, I know for sure that it’s a temporary condition -- one every relauncher needs to get beyond. And can.

It’s natural to put off updating your tech skills. Many relaunchers I...


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