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This week's topics: How to talk about coursework in two “tell me about yourself” situations - after a long career break and when transitioning to a new field

Question #1: 
I had a long career break, so I took a course as part of...

This week's topics: (1) answering the "tell me about yourself" question and (2) how to talk about your career break in an interview

Question #1: 
How do I answer the "tell me about yourself" question succinctly, without...

Mastering remote work is all about finding the right tools to stay productive and connected. But with remote work becoming more and more popular, how will you know which tools are the best for you? No fear, iRelaunch is here! Since iRelaunch has...

This is the toughest job market relaunchers have ever faced, and the challenge of relaunching in this environment rests on top of the stress, grief and logistical wrangling our community (and the world beyond) has dealt with every day since the...

It seems that we all have more questions than answers these days. Fortunately, on the iRelaunch front, you can find more of the answers. On April 24th, Carol Fishman Cohen, iRelaunch Chair and Co-Founder, held a special Facebook Live session...

If you’ve watched 'Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray, you're probably feeling a lot like weatherman Phil Conners (Murray) who visits Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to cover the Groundhog Day festivities only to find himself trapped in a time loop....

Why is this so hard for most people to admit? Especially in times of uncertainty or crisis, like the state of the world today, it can be difficult to come forward and acknowledge our own limitations and inexperience in knowing “the right way” to...

Depending on the amount of time you’ve been out of the professional workforce, you may feel your familiarity with common office project management tools and other office-related applications is lacking. First, don't be hard on yourself...

A common question children are asked is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question implies that there should be a short and simple answer. Yet, realistically, the answer is often quite complex. Many factors impact career journeys:...

Has your relaunch lost its momentum? If you've hit a wall in your return to work journey, you might need a fresh perspective and an opportunity to revitalize your intentions. That’s why we created the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference - to...


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