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My first experience with podcasts was during my career break. I had purchased the iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap and some of the roadmap steps included listening to specially-selected episodes of the “3, 2, 1 iRelaunch” podcast. All I had to do...

Instead of giving up on returnships, consider trying to develop your own. It may be worth it: Returnships are highly valuable opportunities for relaunchers. Running approximately three to twelve months, these programs provide structured platforms...

At that point, I did not need to return to work for financial reasons, but felt the need to do something constructive with my law degree, so I started taking pro bono cases, representing victims of domestic violence.  I found the work to be...

I was a single mom with three beautiful kids to support and I needed to start making money. This was my motivator and the fire behind my determination and persistence.

With nothing coming to fruition, I was able to find a couple of temp...

So, what can you expect in the new year?

Smart, focused communications. Introducing...The Return to Work Report. A weekly briefing on the latest updates... who's hiring, programs, events, success stories and more. Hitting your inbox every...

But what if you’re new to coding and not really sure what it’s all about? During my career break I got curious about coding. And I liked the idea of learning coding via a structured online class that would teach me the basics and let me work at...

The two global centers of corporate return to work programming activity outside of the U.S. are the UK and India. More companies are expanding their programs to locations all around the world.  This is in large part a function of programs...

Hello!  My name is Jennifer Howland and I had the privilege of joining iRelaunch in March 2020 as Managing Director.   Prior to joining iRelaunch, I had a fulfilling 35-year career at IBM from which I retired at the end of 2019.  ...

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Self-Reflection Phase:

I took out my latest resume and dug up my most recent performance evaluations to...

This week's topics: Connecting on LinkedIn before or after meeting a colleague, client, or other person at a conference, event or once on the job

Question #1: 
What do I write on a LinkedIn invitation to someone who doesn't...


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