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Our Vision

iRelaunch's vision is that every company running an entry-level college internship program will run a mid-career return to work program side-by-side. Not only do return to work programs allow companies to tap into the high-caliber relauncher talent pool, but they also demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and can be broadened to include other non-traditional career transitioners: veterans, military spouses, retirees, and ex-pats. Running a return to work program sends a powerful signal to all of a company's workforce constituencies: its own alumni on career break, its current employee base with friends and relatives on career break and its younger employees who (studies show) are anticipating career breaks in numbers greater than ever seen before.

History and Work

Established in 2007, iRelaunch is the pioneering company in the career reentry space. iRelaunch runs career reentry conferences and events for employers and individuals returning to work after a career break, and also works directly with over 70 blue chip companies to introduce, implement and expand career reentry programs to engage with and hire from the return-to-work talent pool. iRelaunch has built a global community of over 75,000 individuals who are in all stages of relaunching careers.

A strong advocate for the unique value that relaunchers bring to the workforce, and for the employers that engage with them, iRelaunch established the market connecting employers with returning professionals. iRelaunch works closely with employers to develop paid re-entry internship programs for returning professionals. iRelaunch also works with “umbrella” organizations on initiatives in which groups of member or affiliated companies pilot return to work internship programs simultaneously and collaboratively. iRelaunch originated and co-leads the STEM Re-entry Task Force with the Society of Women Engineers, in which 26 global engineering-based companies, including some of the world's largest, are piloting re-entry internship programs; IBM, GM, United Technologies, Apple, Northrop Grumman, Cummins, Ford, Raytheon, Boeing, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Ingersoll Rand, CDM Smith, Medtronic, Caterpillar, Millipore Sigma, Asurion, The Aerospace Corporation, and more. iRelaunch also co-leads the Financial Planner Re-entry Initiative with the Certified Financial Planner Board Center for Financial Planning.

iRelaunch's long-time connections with university alumni offices and professional organizations expand its reach to millions of relaunchers in the U.S. and beyond. Universities and professional associations engage with iRelaunch to provide turnkey career re-entry programming for alumni and members, through live events, webinars, and online content. The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference has been held 26 times since 2008 and is the signature event nationally for the relaunch market, drawing a combined audience of over 8,000 attendees. iRelaunch is regularly featured in the national press, including Good Morning America, The TODAY Show, CNN, National Public Radio, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TED, Fox Business, Vogue, USA Today, Forbes, Fast Company, CNBC, CBS, Harvard Business Review and more. 

iRelaunch is certified as a woman-owned business by the WBENC.



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