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Employer Assets for iRelaunch's #CallOutYourBreak Campaign

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Employers: let’s maximize the impact of #CallOutYourBreak together!

Join us and use the hashtag #CallOutYourBreak to encourage as many relaunchers as possible to call out their career breaks so they are not overlooked as eligible candidates for employer return to work programs. The more employers involved, the more relaunchers will feel comfortable using the new LinkedIn Career Breaks category and eventually get hired.

As it is our vision for every employer with an entry level college internship program to be running an in-house midcareer reentry program side by side, we are pleased to offer these campaign templates and swipe copy for social media to employers interested in participating at no charge. Our only requirement to use these templates is that the participating employers run their own in-house career reentry program that has a landing page to link to on the employer's own website and is not subcontracted to a third party.

Call Out Your Break Linked In Post Template Option 1 with Sample Copy
Swipe Copy

Simply copy, paste and update with your organization name and program information!

Lorem Ipsum WANTS to see your Career Break! You MUST have a career break to be eligible to apply for and participate in Lorem Ipsum's Career Relaunch Program. Use LinkedIn's new Career Break profile feature to show yours so we don't miss out on your candidacy and then #CallOutYourBreak with iRelaunch's* Call Out Your Break campaign!

Learn about LinkedIn's profile feature here: [Hyperlink Option 1] [Hyperlink Option 2]
Learn how to participate in #iRelaunch's #CallOutYourBreak campaign here: []
Learn more about Lorem Ipsum's Career Relaunch Program here: [Hyperlink]

*Note, please be sure to tag iRelaunch's social accounts.

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Ready to get started? Download the templates here!

Simply "save image as," add your organization's logo and even add a branded image if you so choose!

Want to continue to showcase your commitment to being a relauncher-friendly organization accepting of career breaks?

Once your organization has posted the #CallOutYourBreak campaign posts on social, send us the links to your organization's posts to be featured on our #CallOutYourBreak LinkedIn newsletter.

Submit your campaign links here!