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For the love of all things books...

In honor of this week’s literary themed holidays, Read a Book Day (September 6th), Buy a Book Day (September 7th) and International Literacy Day (September 8th), we are celebrating with a timely and important topic for relaunchers: books!

In the past, we’ve featured blog posts on books specifically for relaunchers, shared the iRelaunch team’s summer reads back in 2017, and we even launched our very first iRelaunch Book Club virtually this year featuring the book “Comeback Careers” by Ginny and Mika Brzezinski.

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This year, we’ve made it even easier to browse the list of books we recommend for relaunchers, plus some of what our team has been recently reading for fun on our Amazon Storefront.

We’ve set up two bookshelves on our Amazon Storefront that we will continue to update with new recommendations as books are released and read by our team. Where appropriate, we’ll also begin to include affiliate links (like the one above) to books we recommend in future blog posts to our Amazon Storefront.

From the bibliophiles here at iRelaunch to you, nestled into your cozy reading nook...happy reading!

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