Direct-Hire Opportunities

Ready to return? These programs are ready to hire you. 

From part time to full time, these organizations are hiring.

Take a look at the programs that are hiring relaunchers who are ready to return to work now.

Barriers to Entry Program (B2E)[field_prog_location]

Professional development and training program for IT workforce.

Bolder Apprenticeships[field_prog_location]

Various apprenticeships based on employee’s experience and education leading to permanent positions throughout the organization.

Break Through Program[field_prog_location]

10-week paid internship program for individuals who have taken a career break of at least two years. 

Updating classes, coaching, events for members of the ICAEW. Personal coaching by appointment. Fees vary based on membership level.

Career 2.0[field_prog_location]

Program for individuals who have taken a career break.

Career Arc[field_prog_location]

Six-month program starts January 2019 (applications open until November 1, 2018). Participants will have a chance to apply to full-time roles at the end of the program. 

Career By Choice[field_prog_location]

Programme for women with at least two years of experience who have taken a career break. 

Career Comeback[field_prog_location]

16-week paid internship, 3-days/week to full time. 

Career Re-entry Fellowships[field_prog_location]

2- to 4-year part-time or full-time fellowship for returning research scientists in the European Economic Area who will be doing research in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Must have career break of at least two years and must have had at least two years of post-doctoral scientific research experience before the career break. Applicants must secure a research sponsor and sponsoring laboratory.

Part- and full-time roles in accounting and finance; both short- and long-term opportunities offered. Began 2015. 

Career Restart[field_prog_location]

Direct hire for individuals who have been on a career break for at least 1 year.

Career Returners[field_prog_location]

Program for individuals who have taken a career break of at least 2 years.

Career Returners Programme[field_prog_location]

11-week paid programme began in April 2016 for individuals who have taken a voluntary career break of at least 2 years. The programme continued in 2017.

Career Returners Programme[field_prog_location]

6-month program for individuals who have taken a career break of at least two years.

Career Returners Programme[field_prog_location]

6-month paid intership programme for individuals who have taken and extended career break. 

Career Returns Programme[field_prog_location]

Paid 12-week reentry internship program in the advertising field, including technical/digital updating.

Careers 2.0[field_prog_location]

6-month paid internship program for those individuals who have taken at least a two year career break and want to get back in the workforce.

Careers 2.0[field_prog_location]

Starting in 2016 a 3-6 month paid internship for women who have been out of the workforce for at least 6 months.

University of Massachusetts McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies, Boston, MA: Full-time, two-semester program includes evening courses, public policy case study research project and 200 hour, 10-15 hour per week internships at state, local or national government, or non-profit, think tank or lobbying group. Began 1968 at Simmons, moved 1971 to Boston College, and 1992 to UMass. Ongoing. Tuition based program. 

Chapter Next[field_prog_location]

12-16 week paid reentry profgram for individuals who have been out of the workforce for at least 2 years. 


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A mid-career internship is a wonderful springboard back into the workforce.

“The 40-Year-Old Intern:“ Carol Fishman Cohen’s celebrated Harvard Business Review article about mid-career internships.

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