Is your company committed to being a magnet for top-notch returning professionals?

We can help you develop strategies and programs to attract and retain talented relaunchers.

Click here to read iRelaunch Chair and Co-Founder Carol Fishman Cohen's Harvard Business Review articles on career re-entry. 

"Back on the Career Track" Re-entry Internship Program Development for Returning Professionals

We assist organizations in designing, introducing, implementing and expanding return to work internship programs—an essential initiative for companies committed to reintegrating experienced professionals into their organizations.

Re-entry internships enable companies and professionals to assess fit before entering into a permanent arrangement, in the same way that internships do for college graduates.

Watch iRelaunch Chair and Co-Founder Carol Fishman Cohen's TED talk, viewed more than 3 million times, and learn why employers should start re-entry internship programs for returning professionals and what it means for veterans, military spouses, expats, retirees and other non-traditional career-transitioner populations.

Click on the image to watch it here.

Management Briefings & Keynotes

Custom presentations to senior management, HR professionals and hiring managers on the state of career re-entry – transformative information for companies striving to tap the high caliber return to work talent pool.

"Back on the Career Track" Training for Recruiters and Managers

Training to familiarize managers and recruiters with the relauncher demographic, both statistically and illustrated with specific examples of relauncher success stories. Sessions include how to screen and assess the potential fit of relaunchers and support their success in the organization post-hire. iRelaunch has presented to managers, recruiters, and relaunchers hundreds of times and has deep expertise on specifically what to look for and how and what to talk about when engaged in recruiting or management conversations with relaunchers. Contact us for more details. 

"Back on the Career Track" Transition Support Series for Re-entry Interns

Contact us to learn about our work supporting the return to work journeys of re-entry internship cohorts and individual re-entry interns.

Good Morning America Publicizes the Importance and Success of Re-entry Internships

Featured on Good Morning America's "Get the Job" series, the growing prevalence of "returnships" continues to attract widespread media attention. In this clip the success of these programs, both from the employee and the employer standpoint, is reinforcing the decision on the part of many companies to offer mid-career re-entry initiatives.

If you are interested in our consulting services to help your company join the movement, please contact us. We've helped more than 60 blue chip companies to introduce, implement and expand career re-entry programs. So whether you want to test the waters with a one time event or a small pilot program, or whether you're ready for something larger, we can help!

Click on the image to watch it here.


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