Information, helpful advice, and commentary about topics relevant to relaunchers.

Our Agenda is the Same as Yours

Ever wonder what goes into planning the perfect agenda for the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference? Take a look behind the curtain, and you’ll see how we build a program that corresponds directly to your needs as a relauncher. 

Choosing the Topics that Matter Most to You

Every iRelaunch Conference begins with consideration of all of the conversations we’ve had with you: one-on-one conversations, personal emails, Facebook comments, LinkedIn posts, Instagram messages and other feedback. What are your concerns? How has the job market changed in the last year and how can we help you navigate through it to find career success? And how can we make your experience with us feel engaging and reassuring?

Inviting the Companies Who Want to Hire You

Next, we assemble the companies offering opportunities to relaunchers. Our Conference sponsors are the global trendsetters in return to work programming - companies who recognize that you are the most talented and motivated employee and want to make you a part of their team. And not only are they a prominent part of our agenda, giving you their best advice about your relaunch; they’re also available for one-on-one conversations throughout the day. 

Selecting the Speakers Who Can Make the Most Impact

We really wish you could see Carol’s daily calendar!! If you could, you’d see that on a weekly basis, she’s talking to network news representatives, best-selling authors, national magazine editors, and the current experts in career re-entry. When it’s time to plan the Conference, Carol and Sarah Mills, our Director of Logistics, reach out to those experts and put together an agenda that considers all of those conversations, comments, emails, and posts and speaks directly to your needs.

And Then We Meet!

Best of all, we’ve heard over and over again how invaluable the Conference is in terms of meeting other relaunchers who share your feelings. The connections made at the Conference have led to many job offers … and many lifetime friendships.

Join us October 4, 2018 at Columbia University in New York, and you’ll see what we mean. If you’re still not convinced, here’s what one attendee said about the Conference:

“The experience was invaluable, motivating and very informative. I really enjoyed your key note speech and hearing your story. Meeting like-minded people at the conference was also enjoyable - I made some great connections, heard many interesting stories and learnt new ideas from people attending the conference. 

Meeting prospective employers was also invaluable. Their encouragement and interest were really motivating as was being able to share my career story with them. The prospective employers were so open and positive, this was refreshing in light of the many other conversations I have had with potential employers who have viewed my career break as something negative and have essentially ignored my work experience, skills and qualifications.

The breakout sessions were also beneficial. I particularly enjoyed one breakout session that spoke about the importance of being social media savvy- this prompted me to start using lnstagram and Snapchat which has improved my networking. 

I came back from the iRelaunch conference instilled with a new sense of confidence and positivity. I promptly tackled a number of returnship application forms looking at my skills and qualifications with a fresh outlook.”


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"The Bible of Career Reentry"

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