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6 (More) Steps to Recharge Your Job Search

Following up on her popular post "Recharge Your Job Search in Six Steps," Kendell Brown, iRelaunch Coach and Founder of Ascension Careers, offers these steps to reinvigorate yourself and your career search.

When we decide we’re ready for a new job - we’re ready for a new job, now. We’re high on anticipation and enthusiasm, and we’re anxious to flex those job-performance muscles. Unfortunately, our “ready-to-work” timeline rarely matches reality. Typically, the gusto wanes and we ask, “Why am I doing this to myself?” While I don’t have any solutions to make the job search shorter or better, here are a few (more) ideas to help you recharge so you make it through.

Do Nothing

Job searching, while exciting because you are setting a goal and taking steps to achieve it, it is also mentally exhausting. Just as you need to recover from a physically taxing workout, you need to rest from the strain of a job search. Take a solid 72 hours off. Restrain from the following: tweaking your resume, connecting on LinkedIn, scheduling networking coffees, practicing interview answers, etc. Allow yourself 15 minutes per day to check email to see if you got an interview or offer and follow up, but that’s it. Establish a “do nothing window” every three weeks, afterward you’ll feel refreshed.

Connect with 3 people - today!

Networking is your most fruitful job searching endeavor. However, it’s a task that is universally hated and therefore, it’s avoided. So, approach it in bite-sized steps. Draft an outreach email and press Send. After reaching out to one person, you’ll realize how little effort it takes. So, go ahead and send a second. It’s so simple, send a third. But then stop, how many people can you send the same email? Typically, one-third of your reach outs will result in a response. Three is enough to yield a result and get you energized.

Read old performance reviews

They’re concrete evidence of your skills and capabilities. Additionally, they’re great source material for your resume and LinkedIn profile. Can’t remember the details of that launch, how much your performance exceeded expectations, the number of clients you managed per year? Turn to the review. Perhaps you’ll be reminded of projects and responsibilities you’d forgotten you had. Who did your manager contact to complete the review? Find those people on LinkedIn and connect. Lastly, performance reviews are written in glowing terms. If people recognized it before, they’ll recognize it again.  

What’s your reason?

Although it seems far off, the day will come when you are on the other side of the job search. Focus on what’s next. Are you going back to work out of necessity? The income will pay bills, increase savings, reduce stress. Are you going back to work to fulfill some delayed goals? It’s time to prioritize you and pursue your ambitions. Are you going back to work to be something other than "Mommy"? Won’t it be fun to have an identity that is all about you? Whatever it is that motivated the job search, reminding yourself of the why, is empowering.

Figure out the logistics

What if that offer comes and you’re not prepared? Take the time now to ensure that you and your household are really ready for you to return to work. There’s going to be tons of change when you start working. Implement the changes little by little so when the day comes, there’s less upheaval. What are you going to do with the kids? Investigate childcare – can the kiddos go now? Will you need the older kids to step up? Assign them chores and responsibilities today, so they can be comfortable with the new set of expectations. All those back-burner tasks: scheduling doctor appointments, painting the kitchen, etc. – if you wait too long, you’ll have to use precious vacation days to get them done. Knowing you’ve got the home front handled builds “readiness” and restores your momentum. 

Connect with a coach

Are you following the advice of family and friends and it’s getting you nowhere? When was the last time your dad was job hunting? What does your best friend know about the job landscape of your chosen field? Get a fresh set of eyes on your resume. Engage an outsider to help you craft your story. A career coach knows what it takes to get hired. Leverage the expertise of someone who knows what makes for an enticing LinkedIn profile, a well-crafted resume, and interview answers that lead to job offers. An effective coach can be the catalyst you need to rejuvenate the job search.

Kendell Brown is a member of the iRelaunch Career Coaching team. Founder of Ascension Careers and a relauncher herself, She works with clients to ascertain and achieve their career goals via strategic planning, positioning and branding assessments, identifying transferrable skills and providing counsel for working through challenging work situations.

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