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I’ve been a career coach for almost a decade and during that time, I’ve read, reviewed and evaluated hundreds and hundreds (That’s not an exaggeration!) of resumes. In recent years, I’ve included...

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Embrace it – Don’t Let it Define You

Monica, one of my new clients, wants to relaunch her career in the legal field, after a five-year...
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Strategic volunteering is a great way for all...

"How do I get experience if no one will hire me?" It's a question that I hear quite often amongst...
Amalie Wall and her mother, Suzanne Wall
Previously published on Grown and Flown Most people who take a career break to stay home and care...
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In a word – yes. As a job seeker, you should take advantage of all opportunities to showcase your...
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If you haven't claimed your LinkedIn URL, then the current URL for your profile is something like...
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Starting a new business or getting back into the game? Eeps! How nerve wracking! How scary! How...
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There may be many times in our career when we feel “stuck." Deciding to return to the...
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Being open to new experiences and diverse opportunities is at the forefront of becoming a lifelong...
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Beth, an international brand marketing executive, had taken a ten-year break from work. When she...
A spousal Individual Retirement Account (IRA) may not be considered a traditional Valentine’s gift...


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