Information, helpful advice, and commentary about topics relevant to relaunchers.

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1o reasons you should attend an iRelaunch Return to Work Conference (from people who've been there!)

Has your relaunch lost its momentum? If you've hit a wall in your return to work journey, you might need a fresh perspective and an opportunity to revitalize your intentions. That’s why we created...

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Reflections from the 25th iRelaunch...

Today I finally felt validated in my career search and that I actually will end up with a good job...
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There’s a great myth out there: the summer months are a time to hang up your job search hat and...
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Five Prep Steps to Make it a Success

If you’re planning to attend your first iRelaunch Conference at the Kellogg School of Management...
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You’ve made it through a phone screen with a recruiter, an aptitude test, a personality assessment...
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It can be tricky to figure out what to wear if you have been out of the workforce for years,...
Shannon Amspacher
Hello everyone! My name is Shannon Amspacher, and I joined iRelaunch as the Manager of Strategic...
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Positive takeaways from this stage of life...

Transitions can be difficult as they involve change. But those same transitions are growth...
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If you are like so many people relaunching your career, you are just thrilled at the idea of...
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Are you a relauncher who would love to land a returnship with an employer but haven’t been able to...
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Embrace it – Don’t Let it Define You

Monica, one of my new clients, wants to relaunch her career in the legal field, after a five-year...


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Success Stories

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"The Bible of Career Reentry"

"The Bible of Career Reentry"

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