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How to Make the Most of Attending a Conference

Improve Your Conference Experience - Tips for Relaunchers

Eventbrite, an event management company, came to us for suggestions on how to make the most of attending a conference.  See the cool infographic they created for us summarizing our suggestions! We elaborate in more detail below.

DETERMINE YOUR PURPOSE: Why are you going to this event? To learn the latest thinking? To meet people? To practice talking about your career goals? Are you looking for a job? Clarifying your reasons for attending will help you make decisions about which sessions to attend, which people to seek out, and even how you "tell your story" about why you are there when you meet the other attendees.

RESEARCH: Identify which companies will be represented and who is speaking. Do your homework on both.

CONTACT: If you want to meet a speaker, email ahead of time to introduce yourself and see if you can meet up at a designated time and place on the day of the event.

TWEET: Live tweeting and tagging a speaker and their company will be appreciated and be one more point of contact for you.

BACK UP BATTERY: Assume you won’t be able to find an outlet for your phone recharge, so bring your own.

A special note for relaunchers: If a conference is very pricey, ask if they need volunteers. You may be able to host a speaker for the day or be in charge of a panel session. Experiences like these help you get updated in your field and meet people who can support you in your job search, while giving you the opportunity to give back and help make the event a success.

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