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Relaunching in the Mainstream: "Carol's Second Act" on CBS

In the years since Carol Fishman Cohen first shined a light on the difficulty mid-career professional women faced when returning to work after raising children, the concept of relaunching after a career break is becoming normalized as a career path for returners of all genders, expats, veterans, post-retirees, eldercare-givers and more. 

Fictional relaunchers on TV and in the movies have been a big part of making that happen, bringing the concept to a mass audience. Our favorites - Elastigirl returning to her superhero work after time at home, and Alicia Florrick resuming her legal career after a 13-year career break on The Good Wife - are now joined by a new fictional relauncher! Emmy Award-winning actor Patricia Heaton, who many of us remember from Everybody Loves Raymond, plays the role of Carol Kenney, a retired teacher who relaunches by going back to medical school and is now a physician intern on the new CBS show Carol's Second Act (we love that they named her Carol!).

CBS hosted the "Recharge Lounge" at our 2019 iRelaunch Return to Work Conference at Coumbia University. During her keynote, Carol shared this special video welcome from Patricia Heaton and the entire cast of Carol's Second Act. We love it and hope you do too! Tune in to Carol's Second Act Thursdays 9:30/8:30c on CBS.


“We wanted to see all the ways her experience and her age help her be a great doctor as opposed to despite it.”

– – Carol’s Second Act co-executive producer Emily Halpern



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