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From Burnout to Breakthrough in Just One Day

1o reasons you should attend an iRelaunch Return to Work Conference (from people who've been there!)

Has your relaunch lost its momentum? If you've hit a wall in your return to work journey, you might need a fresh perspective and an opportunity to revitalize your intentions. That’s why we created the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference - to jump start your relaunch when your battery runs low. No fluff, no hype. Instead, you'll spend a day with peers, experts and employers who will change your outlook and position you for success. Learn more about the Conference and register here.

Still on the fence? We've summarized the 10 most important reasons you should attend the Conference - from people who've been there! 

1. You'll become part of a community and build your professional network

Before you even get to the Conference, you can meet a community of like-minded peers through our Conference app, Whova. A friendly conversation about your interest in [fill in the blank] could lead to an opportunity that your new contact knows about. On Conference day, you’ll talk to fellow relaunchers and sponsors and continue building your network. And using the app, you’ll easily stay in touch with them long after the Conference is over.

Really my favorite part of the day was meeting so many other relaunchers and becoming a part of the community created. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in searching for a new opportunity after a career break. Meeting like-minded people not only inspires you, but it creates an opportunity to build partnerships and joint venture opportunities. (The Conference app) made it so easy to connect with other participants and begin building community.

2. You'll find ways to overcome your "pain points"

Do you have specific pain points that are hindering your ability to return to work? It could be getting out of the house and networking. It could be deciding what you really want to do when you return to work. It could be getting started on your resume. It could be social media tactics. Whatever your pain point is, the Conference will give you specific tips and tactics to overcome the obstacles that are blocking your return.

Every session was so incredibly relevant and informative. I particularly enjoyed one breakout session that spoke about the importance of being social media savvy - this prompted me to start using lnstagram and Snapchat which has improved my networking.

3. You'll meet sponsors (and employers) who want to meet YOU

The iRelaunch Conference is sponsored by employers who want to talk specifically to relaunchers about job opportunities and by companies whose products and services can be of value to relaunchers. The environment is unlike any other you’ll find. There’s no need to explain your career break – our sponsors are there specifically because you've taken a career break. They recognize the experience and talent you bring to the table.

It was very informative to speak with sponsors, see culture differences among the firms and gain greater appreciation for how flexible and open-minded they are about helping relaunchers return to work. Genuine and positive support was consistent throughout and so meaningful!

4. You'll meet role models

One of the best parts of the Conference is the opportunity to meet successful relaunchers who were in your shoes. In addition to giving you hope, they’ll tell you the steps they took to return to work and will give you a model to emulate that will help you formulate a plan that works.

It's great to hear about some of the success stories. It made me feel much more hopeful about my relaunch.

5. You'll meet and talk to experts at "Coffee Talk" tables

You’ll not only hear from the experts; you’ll have a chance to talk to them directly. Our coffee talk tables provide direct access to the iRelaunch Career Coaching Team. You’ll have an opportunity to ask them the questions that have been stumping you and talk to them about effective strategies to take your relaunch to the next level. 

I enjoyed the round table discussions. This allowed for engaging conversation with both the speaker and other "relaunchers" about specifics challenges being faced in the career search journey.  Many ideas for facing these challenges were discussed, and all table members added value to the conversation because of the smaller group size.

6. You'll get out of the house and gain a new perspective

As comfy as it is, staying at home behind your computer isn’t a practical way to return to work. Whether you are introverted or extroverted, love networking or hate it, it is so important to get out, meet new people and learn new strategies. Trust us - you’ll gain a new sense of confidence and determination to push forward with your relaunch plans after the Conference. 

It is empowering, and I consider all the notes I took and things I gained to be my strength when the process seems overwhelming. Knowing there is a community - and I am not doing this in isolation - is so helpful. 

7. You'll practice being out of your comfort zone

Networking and talking to employers can be daunting when you’ve been out of work. The Conference gives you the opportunity to experience being out of your comfort zone in an understanding and supportive environment. It’s a great chance to practice talking about your relaunch and prepare for future conversations that will come along down the road. If you want more support, bring your wingman! You and a friend will each save $40 when you register together. Click on the "Register" button here to see our "Bring a Friend" registration package. 

I had to convince myself to make the trip because I wasn’t sure if I was ready or confident enough, but I am so glad I did! It was just what I needed and it definitely was comforting to be surrounded by women (and men) with the same goals.

8. You'll achieve better focus with the iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap (free with registration)

Get some Conference swag before the Conference! Every registrant receives a free subscription to the iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap. The Roadmap is an online workbook that helps you gain clarity and focus about every aspect of returning to work, broken down into manageable pieces that make sense. With worksheets, podcasts, video and more, the Roadmap is your lifelong tool to use throughout and perhaps even beyond your relaunch. And by taking a few small steps on the Roadmap prior to the Conference, your conversations with employer sponsors will be more focused and will present you in the best light. 

I appreciate the structure and tools in the Roadmap program. I did start using this prior to attending the event and it really helped me focus and present myself with confidence.

9. You'll invest in yourself (for a change!)

For many of us, a career break is a time during which we are focused on taking care of someone else. Now that you’re ready to relaunch your career, it’s time to invest in your future. Spend a moment taking care of YOU.

With the dizzying array of resources available to the job seeker, your program cut through the excess of information and created an effective template for me to follow. It was well worth the investment. 

10. You'll have fun

Yes, fun! The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference is jam-packed with information and activity, but it’s also one of the most uplifting and enjoyable experiences you’ll have at any point in your relaunch journey. The atmosphere is exciting, the information is effective, and the results are real. 

I had a fantastic experience, and I am still riding the wave of energy and enthusiasm gained at the iRelaunch Conference!

The New York Conference sells out every year. We hope you'll join us this year to get the relaunch breakthrough you've been waiting for! Click here for more information. 

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