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Great Holiday Gifts for Every Relauncher

If your loved ones and friends are wondering what to get you for the upcoming holiday season and new year, we have some suggestions. In this list of thoughtful ideas, in all price ranges and all categories, you'll find just the thing to help you ring in the new year with confidence, clarity, and connection. So, the next time you’re asked, “what can I get you?” just check off your favorites from this list and let the gifts begin. 

Books and Other Publications

A great new book, whether in print or on eReader, can spark an idea that might jumpstart your relaunch. Here’s one suggestion: Our friends, Mika and Ginny Brezezinski will soon be releasing their new book, “Comeback Careers: Rethink, Refresh, Reinvent Your Success--At 40, 50, and Beyond” in January 2020, but you can order it today. 

You might consider a “how-to” book to learn a new skill, or a book written by an expert in your industry to give you a little more conversation material for your next networking event. In the same vein, subscriptions to industry publications can help update you about trends, key figures, and thought leadership within your field. And there’s nothing like a practical journal to record your thoughts, new acquaintances, and ideas for the next interview, 

Professional Career Coaching

Working with a professional career coach provides you with a personal approach to your relaunch. You’ll find focus and accountability, something you might have lost as time has gone by. A career coach can help you define your goals, package yourself to your best advantage, and help you exhibit confidence and ability when meeting with potential employers. The iRelaunch Coaching Team is a great place to start. Contact one of our coaches for more information. 

Professional Resume Services

A great resume can help you stand out from the barrage of candidates who come across a recruiter’s desk. But with reliance on applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help pre-filter resumes, even the best-written resume might be overlooked. A professional resume writer understands how to highlight relevant information about your career experience; demonstrate your results; ensure proper formatting, grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation; show your potential employers why they should hire you; AND survive the ATS robot! If you’re interested in finding out more about professional resume services for relaunchers, contact iRelaunch team coach and founder of Ascension Careers, Kendell Brown.

The iRelaunch Return to Work Roadmap

An online workbook based on “Back on the Career Track,” our small group coaching curriculum, and our personal conversations and experience helping thousands of relaunchers return to work, the “Roadmap” can take you from job seeker to relaunch-ready through 30 actionable steps. This multi-media guide includes relevant podcasts, webcasts, worksheets and information – updated regularly with the most up-to-date information to help you get back to work. And it’s only $49 during our 2019 Holiday Special (through January 1, 2020 - regularly $79). 

Professional Organization Membership

The benefits of membership within your professional organization might surprise you. Offering so much more than networking, your professional organization can propel your relaunch forward in many ways. Hear the latest trends in the field, attend workshops to update skills, and meet people who may be able to offer job leads and advice at your organization’s meetings and events. 

The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference

Get the best relaunch advice from the experts in the field – and while you’re at it, spend some time talking to employer sponsors who are there specifically to talk to relaunchers about job opportunities. It’s the perfect combination! Our 2020 Conferences are coming to the Chicago area (Northwestern University) on June 9;  NYC (Columbia University) on October 1, and the Boston-area (MIT Samberg Conference Center) on November 19, 2020. We hope you'll plan to join us.

Skills Updating through Online Education

A great gift this holiday season is the opportunity to choose among the thousands of skills-updating opportunities online. In all price ranges (YouTube is one of our favorites … and it’s free), online classes make a huge difference not just because of the skills you can learn but because of the confidence they bring. Consider a LinkedIn Premium subscription for unlimited on-demand LinkedIn Learning classes taught by industry experts. Other sites like Udemy and Coursera also offer classes in all price ranges. 

Business Cards, Wardrobe Updates, and Cool Work Bags

Yes, business cards are still relevant! In fact, data shows that business cards are the number one networking tool. But a cheap looking business card is worse than none at all. Career Contessa offers some great tips about what you should, and shouldn’t include on your business card

You can never go wrong with a great new piece for your professional wardrobe, right? Thankfully, there are lots of clothing options these days, from great online-ordered “Bento Boxes” like our friends at M.M.LaFleur offer, to clothing rental packages like those at Rent the Runway to the good old visit to your favorite store. 

Another idea is a professional work bag. No longer limited to the traditional briefcase, choices for your work carry-all can also include backpacks, shoulder bags, satchels, and cross-body totes. 


Although it might not occur to you, you can be given the gift of networking. Chances are, your friends, family, and prior co-workers know groups of people that you don’t. Ask them to introduce you. Attend events with your friends; ask them about their colleagues (especially those that have professional experience like yours); ask them to mention you when they hear of an opportunity. Ask them to be your “wingman” at professional events and help you/brag about you when you're talking to people about your professional experience. 

Custom-Made Gift Certificates

Could you use a babysitter the next time you have an interview (or just need to get some work done alone)? Would having the table cleared one or two nights extra a week give you an opportunity to work on your resume? Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for the gift of time. Chances are, they’d love knowing they’re helping you. 

Stress Relief

Looking for a new job can be overwhelming. Suggest a massage gift certificate or meditation app the next time someone asks what they can do to help. You’ll feel more calm, centered, and ready to take your next step. 

We hope you enjoy the holidays!

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