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“My mom works at Golden Snacks," over 600 attendees, and more from the 18th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference

Highlights from the 2015 18th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference (photos)

“My Mom Works at Golden Snacks!”  Raeshma Patel may have had the quote of the day when she recounted how proud her 5-year-old son was of her relaunch at Goldman Sachs through their Returnship® program as part of the Reentry Internship Panel at the 2015 iRelaunch Return to Work Conference. Morgan Stanley’s Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Brodsky spoke movingly about contemplating a career break while dealing with health care issues among close family members. A lively Employer Panel discussed issues ranging from leaving graduation dates on resumes (panel was split pro and con, but if dates are left off, make sure to include your degree so it's clear you graduated) to how to discuss your career break in an interview (don’t apologize, explain briefly, focus on why you are the best person for the role).

Our final counts are in and we had 607 attendees from 21 states at our 18th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference at Columbia University on October 1, bringing our total attendance at iRelaunch Return to Work Conferences since inception to over 4,500! We are proud to report that iRelaunch and the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference is the central recruiting hub, and largest source of successful candidates, for the Wall Street Reentry Internship Programs.

This year we had a couple of “firsts”: we introduced the “Relaunching Outside of Corporate” panel, discussing programs to relaunch careers in education, start-ups, social enterprise institutions, angel investing or as an entrepreneur, and the use of PigeonholeLive for the panel Q and A. “Relaunching Outside of Corporate” was introduced in response to past comments that the Conference was becoming too finance-focused. You spoke and we listened! We have read our surveys, and this year we had feedback from our 20% lawyers in the audience that we did not have lawyers up on stage talking about their experiences (as we have had in the past). We are working on our agenda changes already for next year and plan to have more resources for lawyers up on the stage and also joining NewLawU.S. and Pace Law School’s New Directions for Attorneys programs as sponsors.  Stay tuned!

PigeonholeLive is a wonderful conference technology for managing Q and A. Audience members can text in questions from their phones, which get displayed on their phones and on screens in the general session room. The audience can use their phones to vote on which questions they want to hear answered. This is a great guide for panel moderators to select the most pressing questions from the audience without wasting time waiting for a microphone to get to someone, or not being able to hear the question asked. We will use it again next year.

We are already getting reports from Conference attendees of relaunch success, relaunch setbacks and relaunch persistence.  All are part of the relaunch experience, reminding us that DETERMINATION and RESILIENCE, in addition to READINESS and HAVING SPECIFIC CAREER GOALS are key to relaunching careers.  See a photo-essay of our Conference below, and a list of our sponsors with a link to their career or program sites here.  We are already excited for 2016! Mark your calendars for September 29, 2016 at Columbia!


With Jeffrey Brodsky, Chief Human Resources Officer, Morgan Stanley, at the iRelaunch 18th Return to Work Conference


Moody's Ratings/Moody's Analytics at the 18th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference


Jeff Brodsky, Morgan Stanley's Chief Human Resources Officer, addresses our 607 attendees.


WithLovePeach CEO, Janet Kraus, networking at the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference. She hires relaunchers! 


PwC LLP's Kanika Wolcott Hyman speaking with relaunchers at the 18th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference


Indiana relaunchers Kendell Brown and Paula Goldberg joined those from 21 states at the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference


Carol delivering the opening keynote to 607 attendees at the 18th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference


All-star panel: (l-r):  Diane Hessan, Janet Kraus, Natalia Oberti Noguera, Jane Veron, Frances McLaughlin, and Nell Derick Debevoise

And here they are on stage! (l-r): Nell Derick Debevoise, Diane Hessan, Frances McLaughlin, Natalia Oberti Noguera, Jane Veron, and Janet Kraus


Extra special treat for Carol - her husband and daughter attended our 18th iRelaunch Return to Work Conference


Here's Carol presenting about one of iRelaunch's most important return to work initiatives: The STEM Reentry Task Force.


The dynamic Diane Hessan, CEO of Startup Institute, talking about their intensive eight-week program


Natalia Oberti Noguera addressing the crowd about Pipeline Angels


Reentry Internship Panel (l to r): Lisen Stromberg, with panelists from Raeshma Patel from GoldmanSachs, Jenifer Kelley from Credit Suisse, Judy Galvin Casey from Morgan Stanley,
and Andrea Chermayeff from JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Here they are up on the stage telling their return to work stories.


Andrea Chermayeff from JPMorgan Chase & Co. talks about her return to work after a 15-year career break.


Jenifer Kelley from Credit Suisse discusses her return to work after a 6-year career break.


Andrea Chermayeff listens as Morgan Stanley's Judy Galvin Casey describes her return to work after 11 years at home.


Frances McLaughlin, President of Education Pioneers, describes their program for returning to work in education administration.


Jane Veron from TAP Growth Advisors talks about their program for relaunching as an entrepreneur.


Nell Derick Debevoise describes Inspiring Capital's new program for women relaunching at social enterprise institutions.


Networking with Bloomberg at the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference


Beth Sehgal describing A. T. Kearney's Encore reentry internship program- 1st in U.S. in the strategy consulting sector


Conversations at the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference


Expert return to work advice from top recruiting/diversity execs from PwC LLP, Deutsche Bank, Bloomberg, and A.T. Kearney


The Morgan Stanley team at the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference. Morgan Stanley is our 2x lead sponsor!


Leading our "Assessing Career Options" workshop at the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference is Michelle Friedman.


The "Employers Share Expert Job Search Advice" panel - A lively panel with some funny moments!


Mary Carol Gilreath announces A. T. Kearney's new Encore reentry internship program at the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference.


Deutsche Bank's Head of Talent Acquisition for the Americas, Robert Perfetto, weighs in with expert job search advice.


PwC LLP's Kanika Hyman responds to a question I asked about discussing salary in the interview.


Networking with GoldmanSachs at the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference

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