Personal Readiness and Workplace Options

Watch this short video to learn how you can find opportunities where you least expect them.

This week's iRelaunch Return to Work Tip of the Week is: Volunteering Can Lead to Paid Work. It is common knowledge at this point to engage in what we call "strategic volunteering" while you are on career break, including while you are in...

Consider opportunities in academia when returning to the workforce after a career break. We are not only talking about teaching positions, but all the jobs required to run an academic institution, from IT specialists to librarians to fundraising...

Introduction by Carol Fishman Cohen

LeeAnn Dance is a 48 year old mother of four from Virginia who was out of the full-time workforce for 13 years. She documented the stages of her relaunch in a blog called "Back in Force: Returning to...

This is a reprint of a guest blog we wrote for
With the national unemployment rate still running at 9.6% (and California’s at a depressing 12.8% as of early July), women who have been out of the workforce are...


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A mid-career internship is a wonderful springboard back into the workforce.

“The 40-Year-Old Intern:“ Carol Fishman Cohen’s celebrated Harvard Business Review article about mid-career internships.

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“Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with iRelaunch readers. I was one of those readers inspired by the amazing stories of people just like me returning to work. Their stories and the support of iRelaunch confirmed my career was there for the taking again.”

"The Bible of Career Reentry"

"The Bible of Career Reentry"

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