Live, Online Small Group Coaching Boot Camps

Did you know you can participate in live group coaching sessions from your computer, laptop or tablet – anywhere?

Craft your relaunch plan, learn tech tools popular in business and move forward with confidence – guided by a career reentry expert coach and a small peer group.

Our live, online Boot Camps provide excellence in career-reentry coaching and flexibility in location. You'll love honing your job-search skills in this uplifting group video conferencing environment!

Participate using WebEx video conferencing.

No worries if you are new to WebEx. Before Boot Camp I begins, we train participants to use this popular video conferencing tool and the project management app, Basecamp. You’ll gain practical skills and the confidence that you can handle other inevitable technical challenges back at work.

We use WebEx Business Suite 30 for our Live Online Boot Camps. Please visit this page to ensure that your operating system is supported for WebEx BS30.

Note: These operating systems are not supported:
Windows XP
Mac OS 10.6
Windows Server 2003

If you have any questions about system requirements, please call WebEx at 1-866-863-3903. Thank you. 

Boot Camp I | Assessing Career Options

  • Explore your career values & priorities in individual & group exercises
  • Analyze your skills & interests to determine types of work that suit you
  • Choose your best career fit using the ‘3Cs of Relaunching: Control, Content, Compensation’ – including full & part-time jobs, consulting & entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Leave with a clear, actionable roadmap
  • Be a step ahead when you land a job knowing how to use a popular video conferencing tool & project management app
  • Four two-hour weekly sessions led by career coach with eleven peers
  • Fee:  $599 (Early Bird Discount: $550)

Coach: Valerie Cherneski, LL.B. (JD), B.C.L., and B.A. (Psych)

Boot Camp II | Job Search Tactics

  • Develop the language and materials you need to convey your value to an employer
  • Construct an effective "elevator pitch"
  • Learn how to highlight volunteer work, deal with "the gap" & not "downplay" on resumes
  • Master in-person and online networking
  • Prepare for interviews, including phone, Skype and in-person
  • Leave with confidence to compete in the job market
  • Four two-hour weekly sessions led by career coach with eleven peers
  • Fee: $599 (Early Bird Discount: $550)

Coach: Valerie Cherneski, LL.B. (JD), B.C.L., and B.A. (Psych)

The iRelaunch (Live, Online) Boot Camps are so well made. It's like being in a classroom with all these nice people, giving us support and motivation ... it's great ... I highly recommend it!”

Meet Our Expert Coaches

Valerie Cherneski, LL.B. (JD), B.C.L., and B.A. (Psych)

Valerie Cherneski, Founder of Cherneski Coaching, is a certified professional development coach who utilizes her background in law and psychology to motivate individuals to see the change they wish to make. Valerie works with top lawyers, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs. She supports them at the crucial intersection of career, self and family to gain back control of their daily lives and to live the life they want, based on their own unique circumstances. Valerie assists her clients through transitions, career strategy, strengths based leadership development, relationship-building, and work/life integration. She commits herself to each client completely, and provides a much needed blend of compassion, corporate professionalism, and accountability to ensure that her clients see results.

Valerie has coached clients employed by financial institutions, national American and Canadian law firms, non-profit organizations, and large corporations. She also coaches self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-corporate professionals. She has a monthly newsletter, has had work published on, and has been featured on podcasts devoted to women’s professional development.

Valerie trained in New York City and serves clients in the United States and Canada.


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“Thank you for facilitating great discussions during our calls. It’s really helpful listening to women investigating the same issues that I am. We have a diverse and talented group of self-aware women. It's very inspiring! You give us good ideas to explore.”

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