2014 US Embassy-hosted Trip to Korea

Press Conference - April 22, 2014

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Program Participants: Korea Work and Family Foundation, Korea-U.S. Women’s Forum, Press Introductions

Listening to questions with my excellent US Embassy interpreter Mi Yeon

Answering questions from the media

With leaders from the US/Korea Women's Forum after press conference

With Dae Young Kim from the US Embassy, Korea


April 23, 2014 Returnship Conference at Sookmyung Women's University

Setting up
Opening Remarks
Presentation on Lotte flexwork programs to prevent career break in the first place
Air Korea flexwork programs improved retention levels of women
Jong Hee Hong, L'Oreal Director of Communications presents L'Oreal returning professional updating and internship program. 200 went through program and 150 have returned to jobs in the community. She said the original idea came from press coverage of Carol's 2008 visit to Korea and Jong Hee's subsequent studying of our iRelaunch website. A wonderful moment for iRelaunch!
Carol sitting across from Ewha Women's University Professor Emeritus Heisook Lee, who now heads up WISET - Center for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, which features a return-to-work program
Working with my excellent interpreter from the US Embassy Min Ji Kwon

April 23, 2014 Returnship Conference at Sookmyung Women's University

More publicity
The Program
This working mother talked about how flex time policies at Air Korea helped return from two 15-month maternity leaves even though she had family pressure to stay home.
Kyung-mi Kim who returned to Starbucks as an assistant manager after 6 years at home with her kids through the Starbucks Moms Returning to Work Partnership Program which started fall 2013 talks about her experience
Discussion of Social Mates - organization she started to help educated women create jobs and still care for kids. Mostly start-ups are involved

April 23, 2014 - Returnship Workshop with Korea-U.S. Women's Forum


Returnship Workshop with Korea-U.S. Women's ForumDeuk Lee Hae talks about how she retired early and then revived her career as a public speaker on women's leadership issues
Sejin Shin , CEO of Beesoap, talks about her three year career break in the mountains that was the basis for her entrepreneurial success in her handmade soap business

April 24, 2014 Policy Research Forum:

Program Participants: Korea-U.S. Women’s Forum members, working moms, professionals from work-life balance policy researchers, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, politicians, professionals from business sector

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