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Returning Professional Internships

Returning Professional "Internships" - A New Strategy for Employers to Access High Caliber Talent and for Professionals to Reenter the Workforce

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See our article in Harvard Business Review, "The 40-Year-Old Intern" - based on this research report.

Returning professional internships are quietly emerging as one of the most effective vehicles for professionals seeking to resume their careers after extended breaks for childcare, eldercare, or other reasons. Although little known within the employer community, these short-term, non-binding work arrangements provide a nearly perfect mechanism for reducing the impediments associated with hiring returning professionals.

For the employer, an internship offers a low-risk structure in which to assess the potential benefits of hiring an employee. For the employee, an internship provides the opportunity to produce a work sample while gaining resume-worthy experience and evaluating the fit of the work environment. As the trend towards internships grows, and employers increasingly recognize the value of this highly qualified segment of the workforce, these programs should become an accepted and commonplace part of employer hiring practices.

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Please click on the report cover image to read the report Abstract and Table of Contents.

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