Deborah M.

Executive Director
19 year
 career break

"After graduating from law school at age 30, I worked for federal and state agencies. As my family grew, I opened a small law practice and began volunteering on various boards in my town. Over time, I closed my practice, took on more volunteer leadership roles, and built a local reputation as an advocate and negotiator on behalf of individuals and families. I did this for nearly 20 years - I know, a long time! One of the boards I sat on was for a senior housing community, and I ultimately became the vice-president of the board. When the board was charged with hiring a new Executive Director, they looked to someone who was committed to the organization and had a proven track record of working in the community with town agencies and officials -- yes, me! It is the perfect position, blending my years of community experience, my legal skills and my desire to be engaged in working with people."

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