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Belinda Nanda


Belinda Nanda

Applications Analyst, NorthShore University Healthsystem
10 year career break

"I attended the Career Relaunch Forum in May 2008 because I was looking to re-enter the workforce in my field of Information Technology after a ten year career break. In addition to the severe slump in the job market, IT is a rapidly changing field, and my skills were almost completely outdated. But I took your advice from the Forum and began a three-pronged attack on getting a new job: 1) I updated my skills through course work at a community college, 2) I networked like crazy and 3) I persevered. After submitting my resume for several positions and not even getting a response, I applied for a corporate internship via a program at my community college. Not only did the company consider me, but they matched me with a permanent job instead! The position is with the IT department for a group of hospitals, and I'll be working in a very hot new growing field, electronic records management. Best of all, the job is part-time, which works perfectly with my young childrens' school schedule."

Background: Technology, Healthcare Industry
Pre-Break: Manager, Anderson Consulting
Relaunch Connection: iRelaunch Conference Attendee
Key Job Search Factor: Internship