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10 year
 career break

"I attended the Career Relaunch Forum [now the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference] in May 2008 because I was looking to re-enter the workforce in my field of Information Technology after a ten year career break. In addition to the severe slump in the job market, IT is a rapidly changing field, and my skills were almost completely outdated. But I took your advice from the Forum and began a three-pronged attack on getting a new job: 1) I updated my skills through course work at a community college, 2) I networked like crazy and 3) I persevered. After submitting my resume for several positions and not even getting a response, I applied for a corporate internship via a program at my community college. Not only did the company consider me, but they matched me with a permanent job instead! The position [Applications Analyst] is with the IT department for a group of hospitals, and I'll be working in a very hot new growing field, electronic records management. Best of all, the job is part-time, which works perfectly with my young childrens' school schedule.

iRelaunch Note: This story is from 2008. Belinda is still working for the NorthShore University HealthSystem and has been promoted. She now holds the position of EPIC Trainer, providing training in the use of EPIC medical records software.  

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Anderson Consulting

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