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iRelaunch and our community of returning professionals, employers, and university clients are often quoted in the news.


Title Publication Datesort ascending
Getting Back to Work After a Career Break Society for Human Resource Management 04/20/2016
What It’s Like When a Stay-at-Home Dad Goes Back to Work Harvard Business Review 04/19/2016
An Underserved Market Inside Higher Ed 04/11/2016
Tech Companies Help Women Get Back to Work Wall Street Journal 04/10/2016
Employers starting to see resume gaps as not so bad after all HR Hero Line 04/01/2016
Changing Careers? 4 Challenges of Starting Over Business News Daily 04/01/2016
Carol Fishman Cohen: How to get back to work after a career break Daily Exchange 03/23/2016
Carol Fishman Cohen: How to get back to work after a career break TED 03/22/2016
7 ways to revive your career after having kids SheKnows 03/13/2016
5 Ways to Make a Career Comeback After Kids LinkedIn Pulse 03/08/2016
Resume gap? Corporate 'returnships' for career breakers could help. The Chicago Tribune 02/26/2016
How Paid Re-Entry Programs Can Get More Women In Tech Fast Company 02/25/2016
Adult internships and returnships help the over-40 crowd get back to work TODAY Money 02/24/2016
Featured Profile: Carol Fishman Cohen Innovation Women Blog 02/15/2016
Why Some People Intentionally Take a Pay Cut When Resuming Their Careers Harvard Business Review 01/28/2016
Become a 40-Year-Old Intern SWE "All Together" Blog 01/05/2016
Don’t Lose Track of High Performers Who Take a Hiatus Harvard Business Review 01/05/2016
Moms returning to workplace: Things have 'changed' Greenville Online 09/14/2015
Society of Women Engineers and iRelaunch Announce the STEM Re-entry Task Force Daily Herald 09/11/2015
Serena Williams took a break from her career—and so can you Fortune 09/10/2015
Gaps in resumes pose challenges for Research Triangle women 09/04/2015
Resume gaps pose challenges for Triangle women resuming careers The News & Observer 08/29/2015
Carol Fishman Cohen: Author of "The 40-year-old Intern" Retirement Redux 08/27/2015
Raleigh at work: Local woman helps others re-enter the workforce Raleigh Magazine 08/22/2015
How to Return to Work, After a Career Break CBS Chicago 08/07/2015
Using YouTube Tutorials to Update in Tech! National Military Spouse Network News 08/01/2015
Tech Collective's WIT Mentoring Program: A Platform For Success Tech Collective - Women in Technology 06/25/2015
Should Moms Work or Stay at Home After Giving Birth? [Poll] Parent Herald 06/10/2015
The Big Debate: Should You Go Back to Work After Baby? Huffington Post "The Blog" 06/09/2015
Find the On-Ramp Working Mother 06/01/2015


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