Director of Externships and Pro Bono Programs
5 year
 career break

"I was just thinking the other day that it's been six years since I first started back at work teaching in and running the Clinical Judicial Education Externship Program at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. The job was perfect for me because although I am not an academic by training, I was able to draw heavily from my six years of trial work at the District Attorney's office and L.A. public defender's office to develop my curriculum.

Initially I was very part time and then I was promoted and given more and more responsibility. I held onto that for almost three years and then I realized that my true passion was teaching, mentoring and counseling the students who participate in my externship program. I gave up all of the other administrative roles that I had been ask to do (and that I accepted not because I enjoyed them, but more because after being out of the work place for almost five years I craved the validation and the prestige). Now I have found the perfect fit."

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