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Employers: Connect with iRelaunch’s Experienced Returning Professionals

The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference: Engage with people you’d be thrilled to hire

The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference is the only large-scale gathering of educated, experienced professionals on career break who are interested in returning to work and employers who are eager to meet and recruit them. Conference participants are high-caliber individuals who took an intentional career break for childcare, eldercare or other reasons. More than 50% of Conference attendees have "relaunched" their careers within one year of attending the Conference, most within six months.

Consider the numbers:

  • 70% of participants have graduate degrees, predominantly MBAs and JDs
  • 70% of participants want to return to conventional, full-time jobs
  • 93% of participants are women

The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference is not a job fair. The Conference is a day of education about career reentry strategy - emphasizing practical advice, specific resources and success stories, plus the opportunity for participants to network with a select group of prestigious employers. Depending on the particular sponsorship level, a company may have a representative deliver welcoming remarks, participate on an employer panel or briefly address all of the attendees. Each company has a networking table on the periphery of the general session room and the opportunity for representatives to mingle with participants during our afternoon networking session. This proven format encourages substantive, in-depth conversations between participants and employer representatives during a designated portion of the day. In aggregate, over 50 organizations, primarily for-profit companies, have sponsored the Conference. More than 75% of the Conference's repeat sponsors have hired Conference attendees.

To learn more about the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference, click here to visit the Conference home page.

Other Ways We Work with Employers

We create customized:

  • Career reentry programs to recruit talented, educated, experienced professionals into your organization and re-connect with "regrettable losses" (promising alumni on career break)
  • Internship programs to engage with relaunching talent on a short-term, non-binding basis so both the employer and the relauncher can test the potential for permanent employment. See our Harvard Business Review articles "The 40-Year-Old Intern" and "The 40-Year-Old Intern Goes to Wall Street".
  • Presentations for management and recruiters on the value of, and how to evaluate, the pool of talent on career break
  • Career Assessment Workshops for those seeking to transition to a new career within your organization
  • Single or multi-employer seminars on career reentry and related topics

Our popular, half day iRelaunch FastTrack Program brings us to your hiring hubs across the country. The sponsoring company gets time during the program to talk about their recruiting interest in relaunchers.

To see our list of Career Reentry Programs Worldwide, click here.

We can also offer your company the opportunity to have its logo featured on iRelaunch’s new Employer Recruiting Page with a click-through to its own Careers page, thereby directing talented job-seeking relaunchers to your company’s Careers page throughout the year.

For more information, including information about sponsoring the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference and subscribing to iRelaunch’s new Employer Recruiting Page, please contact us at or call us at 617-558-3535.

Employer Testimonials

"Our strong partnership with iRelaunch and our commitment to increasing our female workforce through events such as the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference have helped Accenture hire talented and passionate employees who join the more than 60,000 high-performing women at Accenture who are making a difference every day."
    — U.S. Enterprise Workforce Recruiting Lead; Accenture
"iRelaunch's Return to Work Conferences are a recruiting "must-do" for any major organization. The attendees are enthusiastic about returning to the workplace, and more importantly have the qualifications and credentials to match their interest."
    —  Leadership, Learning & Diversity Professional; Bloomberg
"What has impressed me about iRelaunch today is the caliber of the candidates that are here and the passion they have for getting back into organizations and industry."
    — Global Leadership Development; Thoughtworks