Director of Strategic Initiatives
13 year
 career break

Dave Carty is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Kent Place School in Summit, NJ. Dave attended the iRelaunch Return to Work Conference at NYU in 2012 and found the experience invaluable in helping him to relaunch both back to full-time work and in a new career field as well.

In 2000, David left his job as an International Business Development Manager with Bestfoods Corporation (now part of Unilever). What was supposed to be a short-term hiatus from the work force, turned into a 13-year unpaid career as a full-time parent of three young children, homemaker, housekeeper, coach, volunteer, school trustee and treasurer, as well as part-time work in the mortgage and construction industries.

Last year, with two of his three children in high school, Dave decided it was time to explore returning to work.  After a lot of careful thought, he decided he wanted to try to work in a staff role at an independent secondary school.  Since he had been so active at his own children's schools, he had valuable experience and contacts in these schools' administrations, and he was able to be convincing and credible enough to get these contacts to open doors for him with other school administrators.  

After a few months of this sort of very targeted networking and informational interviewing, he came across a role that was a perfect fit for him - combining the strategy and management skills he had from his days in business development with his deep understanding of secondary schools and their constituencies. Dave has a BA from Colgate University and MBA from the Stern School of Business at NYU.

iRelaunch Note: Dave spoke at the 2013 iRelaunch Return to Work Conference on the Relaunch Success Story panel.


Professional Background: 

Business Development


Academia and Education

Pre-Break Title: 

International Business Development Manager

Pre-Break Employer: 

Bestfoods Corporation

Connection with iRelaunch: 

iRelaunch Event Speaker