Vice President, Strategic Projects
5 year
 career break

Cathy is the Vice President – Strategic Projects for Edison Properties LLC, and in this role is chief-of-staff to the CEO.  Edison is a privately held real estate company that operates a variety of businesses on over fifty owned properties in New York City, Newark NJ and Baltimore MD.  The businesses include Manhattan Mini Storage, one of NYC’s most beloved brands, thanks to the edgy, provocative, hilarious subway ads and billboards.

Cathy earned her BA at Southern Methodist University and her MBA in the Executive Program at Vanderbilt University Owen School of Business. 

Cathy is a two-time relauncher - one planned and one not – but with details to which many can relate.

Cathy left the workforce in 2001after a 17-year career in financial services sales, marketing, and operations, when her partner accepted an overseas executive work assignment in Paris and normal visa restrictions did not permit her to work for pay in France.  Overseas, Cathy did volunteer and pro-bono consulting work.  She returned to NY in 2005 and networked her way back into the workforce in 2006 as a Senior Vice President with Citigroup, indirectly through the inaugural “Back in Business” program at Dartmouth University Tuck School of Business, where incidentally Carol Cohen was a guest speaker.

Cathy left the workforce again in 2009.  Citigroup eliminated her position along with countless others, but thanks to the 2009 iRelaunch Conference, Cathy quickly networked her way to her dream job.  Ultimately, she declined the offer and instead moved to Houston in 2009 where her partner had accepted a senior role with a new company earlier that year.  Instead of seeking full-time employment, Cathy simultaneously resumed independent consulting, nursed her partner during a health crisis and built a contemporary house.  That career break ended in 2012 with the unexpected end of the relationship with her partner.  That left Cathy homeless and single for the first time in 30 years.  She then nursed her heart in Paris for two months while doing more pro-bono consulting work, passed on an opportunity to live and work in Singapore, accepted a full-time six-month contract assignment with Barclays in NY, moved to Sea Bright NJ, became homeless again because of Hurricane Sandy, and moved to Manhattan.  When the Barclays assignment ended, Cathy networked her way to three interviews and three job offers.

Cathy now happily resides in an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen.  She enjoys living nearer to her parents, brothers and their children in NJ than she has in years, and spends time outside of work cycling, sharing meals with friends that she or they prepare, and discovering how much fun it can be to be single again, especially in New York City!

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